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I've had a little bit of trouble with BM on a few fights, (Ore, Kromog during hand phase) to name a few.  For example Oregorger, during the roll phase while dps'ing crates and one dies the pet takes off back to the boss and spends a lot of time running back and forth not doing much of anything. Any tips or suggestions to minimize dps loss during occasions such as these?

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I highly recommend every hunter I talk to, to keybind pet attack, pet follow, move to, and the movement ability (dash, charge, etc).


My bindings for attack and follow are mousewheel up (forward) for attack, and mousewheel down (backwards) for follow. Then I have different bindings on my naga for move to, and what not.


I then also have Master's Call keybound so I can have another form of pet movement to get my pet around. This mainly is useful on Kromog hands and it can be useful if you position yourself with that utility in mind on Darmac.

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