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[EU-Dreanor][H] *REBOOT* - Restart your WoW career today.

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Greetings one and all,


We are here today to put forward an idea for a new guild, in which to not only restart our own WoW careers but hopefully some others in the community also. 


We propose to start afresh, new characters, new server, new community. A new start. To create a thriving community with the intention of having a fun/social aspect whilst maintaining drive and ambition within raiding content on a manageable scale. 


We are a group of three currently in our mid to late 20’s who due to time restrictions and family life, are unable to commit to anything too serious anymore. However we still want to raid at a good standard with people who want to progress and push as hard as they can with the limited time they have for the game. 


What we can offer you:


A brand new start in the game with people with a similar mind-set

A community in which to progress yourself as a player.

A democratic leadership where your voice guides the path of the guild.

An active, thriving community. Where players are proactive in helping others around them. 

A skilled player base with the same goals and aims within the game. 


What we require from you:


Passion – The want and desire to actually play the game. To get back in and be proactive in building a new character and optimising it as much as possible. 

We need you to be active, to be able to dedicate at least 6-9 hours a week to your character. We will enforce a strict three day policy during the levelling period. 

Skilled players – we don’t care if you have top 10 raid experience or no experience at all. We are looking for skilled players who want to learn, progress and be the best they can be. We will be ruthless however in culling players who are lazy and who are simply not up to our standards.

We need you to be a team player. To be willing to assist others, willing to contribute to conversations and discussions and willing to help forge a community with us.

Being in possession of a brain and a sense of humour will serve you well.  


Already decided aspects


Where we will be leaving pretty much everything up to a community vote, we do have a few stipulations of our own to be considered before applying.


We intend to raid slightly later to allow people to get home, get your affairs in order before sitting down to play the game – 20:30 will be the earliest we start with a finish time of 00:00. 

Players will be removed after three days of inactivity without prior notification. 

We intend to raid 3 times a week and players are expected to attend at least two. 

We will be not using any voice communications during the levelling process. However we expect everyone to be able to use Ventrilo/TS for raiding and any events which include the entire community. 

We have not decided on a Realm/Faction and we do not have a start date. Please do not ask.


At the moment we have setup a very crude wowhead/guildlaunch site to see if there is any interest in the idea. 


If you have any questions you can direct them there, or i will be avaliable to answer any questions you may have via battletag. 


Website: Placeholder.gamerlaunch.com

BattleTag: TenebrasLux#2127

MIRC: #GuildProject2015


**We've been asked alot of questions in regards to the project and would like to address some of your queries here to save some time**


How does this differ from previous reroll guilds?


Reroll's in the past have been hugely popular ideas with lot's of players wanting to start fresh with a new group of people or on a new character. However on the whole most of the guilds are poorly thought out with no real end goal to aim for. From the outset we have outlined and proposed what we'd like to create for this project - we'd like to attract similar minded players and go from there.


We have a huge wealth of knowledge managing and running guilds and creating the best possible outcome for the future. We have the drive and ambition to really make this idea come to life and hopefully create a great guild which will within stand the test of time.


What faction are you likely to roll?


At the moment we have nothing decided - we really want to be put this to a vote, along with all the other integral parts of the guild. Where this may be annoying for a few, it makes no sense for us to choose alliance when the vast majority want to play Horde or vice versa.


Same thing with the name - why go with a horrific tag which we all have to bear above our heads, when its nothing the majority actually like and feel represents them. 


When is this likely to start?


This is something we cannot stress enough - we will only start when we have the right people for the task. We will not start this guild off without the right personnel and with 100% confidence we will succeed. 


We're aiming for around 35-40 applicants. This may seem a high amount but this is to account for the inevitable people which will log the first night never to be seen again. 


Will you be stopping at level 60/70/80/90/100?


The simple answer is no - we will not be stopping at each respective level cap. This really doesn't pose any sort of challenge or enjoyment. It just simply isnt the same. That isn't too say we will not go back and run achievement mounts runs in the future. 


Am i allowed to use Heirlooms?


Yes. Absolutely. You're able to level however you like, you can go at your own pace. This isn't a race. The idea of starting fresh is to get to know eachother and forge a bond with one another during this levelling period. 


Do you accept Social ranks?


 We will be accepting social applicants - however the same rules will apply in terms of activity. 


This means if you have no interest in raiding but still want to be part of the guild, you are more than welcome to make an application

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