[US-Frostmane] [A] 687ilvl Brewmaster Monk LFG after 9PM PST

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Hi all, I am seeking for a main tank position for Mythic raiding. 

I am a 687ilvl(after 5ilvl boost) BrM monk w/ MW OS, have been playing as monk since it came out. 


Available time:Mon-Thur: after 9PM PST.


My progression: 10/10HM BRF

What I have

I do detailed research for raid.I know my class well, and I do research on my class as often as I can.I will be in raid on time. I am having 99%+ on time attendance in my past raid groups. I take critics and suggestions seriously.  


What I am looking for

Guild Progression: 7/7HM+ Highmaul. 9/10HM+ BRF

A mature and laid back raiding environment, with serious raiding attitude during raid time.


I wish to stay Alliance and would like to have cross realm trail before transferring. 

Contact me @ ZF28#1749


March 19, 2015 updated: the ilvl and progression

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