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I've spent quite a lot of times playing with my UI and in the end I just made the decision to clean the screen and use as much Weak Auras as possible. The whole thing is still a work in progress (and probably forever will be) but as of now it is perfectly usable and I've been using it for the last few weeks in BRF Heroic raids.

Anyway, I thought I'd share the auras because when I was looking for Enhancement auras myself I wasn't able to find everything I needed. So if there's anybody with similar needs as myself I'd find sharing these worthy.

I will list what the auras can and what they can't do and post the strings for import via pastebin. I will list the Cons first, so you can stop here if these functions are very important to you.


  • the auras will not adapt if you use the talent Elemental Fusion, there will be an empty space (but works with both Storm Elemental and Liquid Magma)

  • the auras expect you to be using OmniCC addon for displaying the cooldown countdowns (the aura text is invisible), you can still display the text via editing the auras yourself

  • the auras are made to be used with the Masque addon (ElvUIesque Skin), when using other skins or the default skin, the icons may not align properly as the sizes will change slightly

  • there are auras for various procs (as the legendary ring, trinkets and enchantments) but it only covers the gear I use, yours might be missing so you might be needed to add/edit the ones you need, I am also looking for feedback and I might add some later myself

So how does it look?

As you can see on the screen/video, the auras should display everything essential.

Middle part - An aura warns you when you don't have Lightning Shield active. Displays Maelstrom stacks, Global cooldown, your main DPS abilities (Unleash Elements, Stormstrike, Lava Lash, Shocks, Fire Nova) and DPS cooldowns (Feral Spirit, Fire Elemental Totem, Liquid Magma/Storm Elemental Totem, Ascendance). The Flameshock aura changes into Frostshock depending on the remaining time of Flameshock on your target (Frostshock is displayed when the duration of Flameshock on your target is <10 seconds)

Left Part - An aura tracking your Fire Totem, a sound warns you when no Fire Totem is active. Defensive cooldowns are displayed under the totem tracker (Shamanistic Rage and Nature's Guardian or Atral Shift depending on your talents). The auras on the left display the presence of buffs associated with Unleash Elements.

Right Part - An aura tracking Flameshock on your target. An aura displaying the availability, cooldown, and presence of Ancestral Swiftness/Elemental Mastery depending on your talents. Rightmost are auras displaying the duration or various proc based buffs.

Dynamic Group for Procs

A dynamic groups displaying procs (such as weapon enchants, trinkets etc.) via progress bars. Located on the right side.

Dynamic Group - Buffs received from Unleash Elements

A group displaying the presence of the buff empowering your next fire spell and the buff from the talent Unleashed Fury as it changes the priority of Lightning Bolt on lower Maelstrom Stacks.

Global Cooldown

A progress bar displaying your Global cooldown as the auras are made to be used free of any action bars (the GCD is not displayed on the spell auras)

Ancestral Swiftness

Displaying the availability, cooldown and buff presence of Ancestral Swiftness. Occupies the same spot as Elemental Mastery aura depending on your talents.


An aura displaying the availability and cooldown of the Ascendance spell. Also displays the duration of the Ascendance form.

Feral Spirit

An aura displaying the availability and cooldwon of the Feral Spirit spell. Also displays the uptime of the spirits.

Fire Elemental

A simple aura displaying the availability and cooldown of the Fire Elemental spell. (uptime is displayed via Fire Totem Tracker)

Fire Nova

Availability and cooldown of the spell. Also works with Echo of the Elements displaying multiple charges.

Flameshock Tracker

Tracks Flameshock on your target or shows the absence of the Flameshock debuff.

Lava Lash

Availability and cooldown of the spell. Also works with Echo of the Elements displaying multiple charges.

Liquid Magma

Shows the availability and cooldown of the spell. Also shows the duration of the Liquid Magma on your totem (does not accounts for the possible expiration of the fire totem during the effect and will still show the full duration of 10 seconds). Occupies the same spot as the Storm Elemental Totem aura depending on your talents.

Maelstrom Tracker

Displays the number of Maelstrom stacks, changes colour. A sound warns you when capped at 5 stacks.

Nature's Guardian

Displays the availability of the talent. Checks the combat log and starts a 30 seconds timer upon activation of the talent. Occupies the same spot as the Astral Shift aura depending on your talents.

Shamanistic Rage

Availability and cooldown of the spell.


Availability and cooldown of the spell. Aura changes between Flameshock/Frostshock depending on the remaining of the Flameshock debuff on your current target.


Availability and cooldown of the spell. Also works with Echo of the Elements displaying multiple charges.

Fire Totem Tracker

Displays the remaining duration of your current active Fire Totem. Changes depending on the totem type (Searing, Magma, Fire Elemental). A sound warns you when no fire totem is active during combat.

Unleash Elements

Availability and cooldown of the spell.

Lightning Shield Warning

An icon is displayed, warning of the lacking Lightning Shield.

Astral Shift

Availability and cooldown of the spell. Occupies the same spot as Nature's Guardian aura depending on your talents.

Elemental Mastery

Availability, cooldown and the duration of the spell. Occupies the same spot as Ancestral Swiftness depending on the talents.

Storm Elemental Totem

Availability, cooldown and the duration of the spell. Occupies the same spot as Liquid Magma depending on the talents.

Warn me of any incorrect links or reply for any questions or feedback. As I said, the whole thing is a work in progress for me and I am still trying to make it better.

Tell me if you can't load any of the auras, there might be settings tied to my character although I have tried to remove all of those, making the auras work on any character as long as you are a Shaman in the Enhacement spec.









What is new?


Youtube video of the UI in action:

Screenshot of the layout (WA only):

Screenshot of the layout (together with custom unit frame via Stuf Unit Frames addon):



The auras have been made much simpler


I've divided the layout into segments and you no longer need to import dozens of strings.


The auras now support all talent builds


The auras will adapt and change according to your talent choices, supporting all playstyles. (Does not support Stone Bulwark Totem though, haven't seen it used yet)


The auras do not include all proc based buffs


I haven't had the time to make the research to include all available trinket procs, weapon enchantments, etc. You can easily add the on your own or message me and I will help you adding those you need.


The auras need few dependencies in order to be displayed as intended/ as seen in the video and on the screens


The biggest of cons is probably the fact that the auras are made with few other addons in mind. You don't need them!, the auras will be perfectly functional without them, but, it won't be displayed properly, icons may not align, borders may not be displayed etc. In order to 100% replicate what you see on the screens and in the video you will also need: OmniCC (addon displaying cooldown timers on icons), Masque addon with ElvUIesque Skin (skin for icons, without this, the sizes of icons in the auras will probably change and you will need to play with it and change them to your liking), a custom addon I made which you will be able to find here at the end of the post (uses almost no memory (<10kb), only adds a custom border and font for you to use in other addons, such as WA).




Main Frame

Bottom Frame

Proc Based Buffs


Unit Frames (very optional, no actual function, just for the looks)




The so-called Main Frame is the heart and soul of the auras. This frame displays all your main abilities' cooldowns, tracks your Maelstrom stacks, displays the Global Cooldown (as the layout is originally made to be used actionbar-free and GCD is not visible on the icons), displays the presence of the Unleash Flame and Unleashed Fury buffs, and contains a Fire Totem tracker on the left and a Flame Shock tracker on the right.




The Bottom Frame displays availability, duration, and tracks your major DPS cooldowns. On the sides you'll also find the availability and cooldown of your Shamanistic Rage and your defensive Tier 1 talents.




is a dynamic group controlling the display of the Bloodlust/Time Warp buff, your agility potion buff, weapon enchant buffs, and trinket procs. Each buff has its own colour so you can tell its progress and presence just by a quick glance.




are icons warning you of different things. You can easily add your own or tell me if you need help with adding other notifications. Currently the group includes:

Absence of Lightning Shield, absence of Well Fed buff, absence of Agility Flask, an icon warning you when your Flame Shock on your Focus drops below 10sec, display of Reactive Earth Shield on Primal Elementalist target for the Blast Furnace encounter.




Only includes frames for your custom Unit Frames. As you can see on the screen above, I personally use Stuf Unit Frames addon, displaying the Player Health, Target Health, and Target Name.




Custom Looks


As you can see, pretty much everything has some special skin, font, or border. This is because I dig the clean, square-like, and tidy look. Below I will list everything you need in order to replicate the look I showed you before in the video.


Masque Addon

Masque addon adds the possibility to use custom skins for the ingame icons (be it action bars, weakauras, buffs/debuffs). The ElvUIesque Skin replicates the looks of ElvUI action bars. Even if you don't happen to use ElvUI, I'd still recommend the skin for your icons. I just love how it looks. Plus, if you won't be using this addon and skin, you'll probably need to change the sizes of the icons in the auras as they will not align properly.



OmniCC addon displays cooldown timers (and the progress pie) on the icons. I highly recommend using this addon as I made the auras with it in mind. You can use the auras without OmniCC but you will need to change the auras as they don't display cooldown texts on their own. Let me know if you need help editing the auras for the OmniCC-free use.


Custom Borders, Fonts etc.


I use custom fonts and borders to complete the visuals of the auras. I created my own simple addon that will make them accessible for your addons (WeakAuras included).

You will "maybe" need an addon called LibSharedMedia

I said maybe because chances are that some of your other addons already has it in itself. Install it only if you don't see the custom border/font.


ThatShamanTho Media


You will need this extremely simple addon in order to display the auras as intended as they are made with a custom border and font. Don't be afraid, the addon uses almost no memory, and if you want and will know/find out how, you can use the addon to add other media you want to use yourself (fonts, borders, backgrounds, textures, icons etc.) as the addon is extremely simple and serves a single purpose and I don't care if you edit it.




This addon should add a border called Plain Border and a Prototype font. The Prototype font is free for personal use.

I personally also use the font in the OmniCC addon for a unified look.

Also adds few sound files.


You can change the sound notifications in the auras. If you'd like to but don't know how, ask an I'll help you.


Let me know if you run into any issues. Also reply your suggestions, any feedback is welcome.

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Recently moved from Resto to Enhancement as main spec for my guild and I set up your WeakAuras above to help me manage my cooldowns. Still trying to get used to using them but really like the compact and clear set up! Thank you for the time and effort you put into making them. Good positioning, good size, well put together. Would recommend them to other shamans.

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I'm glad you found them useful. I've changed the auras several times since the time this was posted (definitely an upgrade, even more compact with added functionality). I will share the strings later this week after some finalizing.

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Is everything working? If there's anything wrong with the links/auras/etc. I provided just let me know so I can fix it.

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This UI looks absolutely amazing, so grats!

I was wondering if you could help me a bit, since I'm not really good with addon related stuff, the unit frames, I can't get it to look like yours, this refering to the HP for you and target, how can I fix this?Thanks in advance and greets from Chile!

Edited by Akhir

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Hey, glad you liked the auras!


The unit frames in the video are made via Stuf Unit Frames addon. I made them vertical and customized them further to fit them into the background frames I made with the Weakauras. Any other similar addon (e.g. Shadowed Unit Frames) should be able to do the same thing.


Is there a way to export the profile for the Stuf Unit Frames addon?

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I have no idea, lol. I wish there was, because that Health bar in the side is just amazing, same with the target one, it's so clean! I'd love to be able to import that :/ Because not in a thousand years i'll be able to do that, lol

Edited by Akhir

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It's late night here at the moment but I'll look into it tomorrow and I will either post a guide on how to replicate them or share my Stuf profile (in case I'll find out how).

Edited by Derienn

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Ok. I really don't know if this will work or not.


Try installing the Stuf Unit Frames addon.


Download this file


You will find 2 files in the .rar.


You should put them into>


World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\youraccountnumber\SavedVariables


If asked, overwrite any existing files of that name in the folder (this should wipe out your own settings for the Stuf addon, so make a copy of your original files if you want to keep them).


This should give you my exact settings. Report back if it worked or not.

Edited by Derienn
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Looks amazing; can't wait to try it out tonight after work smile.png


Thanks for taking the time to post these for others to use too; very kind and much appreciated.

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Good luck raiding!


Please get back with any suggestions smile.png


Also, let me know of any problems you might run in to. Be it the icon not aligning properly, or an error in the functionality of the auras.

Edited by Derienn

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Not had a chance to try it yet but had 1 (probably silly) question. I haven't been able to get the cooldown timers on buttons working properly with EoE and the double charge, does your interface let you know when SS or LL is useable or only (like mine does) when the first charge has regenerated?


I find that as I'm unsure of the CD that I spend a lot of time spamming buttons that don't do anything in the hope that maybe they do have a spare charge and will work. 

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The way it works with EotE is through colour saturation of the icons.


There are multiple states:


  1. Saturated Icon without the cooldown pie = 2 charges ready
  2. Saturated Icon displaying cooldown = 1 charge ready, 1 charge on cooldown
  3. Desaturated (grey) Icon displaying cooldown = both charges depleted and on cooldown





Look closely what happens during the 2 casts of Stormstrike here


Do the auras work differently when you import them ?

Edited by Derienn

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I was thinking of different ways of how to display multiple charges when using EotE and this came out as the most convenient to me. Otherwise there'd have to be multiple texts. One showing you the cooldown timer and another showing you the charge count.

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All set up and all working; can't see anything that doesn't behave as it should after a BRF run last night.


Thanks again for all your hard work :)

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i have been playing wow since 2005, my shamy got 380 played time and this is best Uİ i have ever seen, great job mate ill use it too if i get any trouble ill call you :))

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Hardly the best UI I could think of but it's still a work in progress.


Thank you for the encouragement, I'm glad you like it.


Good luck with the setup.

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Hi, I was wondering how I'd go about moving some of the spells around on the main frame and bottom frame?

Essentially I want to have the shock option at the front and move everything else right a spot to line up with my bars. 


(new to use Weakauras sorry)

Edited by Pineorange

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