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Skull of war question

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I recently made a 680 Skull of War and equipped it to replace a 600ilvl trinket, then I started to think is it good in the long run and I looked on the BiS lists for all specs and it wasn't on anyone of them so I figuerd I ask here.


Sorry for my bad grammars and spelling errors and thanks in advance!

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No, the Skull of War is not very good in the long run. Crit does next to nothing for Combat. I also made one of these, but only to 655 before I realized. I will leave it be until I decide to mess around more with Sub. A inv_misc_trinket6oog_stonefist1.jpgGrandiose Plans from follower mission would probably serve you better. I got a warforged socketed version and dropped a haste gem in.

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Due to the high amount of Agility on the 680 version, you're better off using it than lots of other trinkets


For Combat, it's probably better than anything you get in Highmaul other than Mythic Scales, and for Sub it's still good unless you have Beating Heart of the Mountain from any difficulty, the Coin, or something from heroic BRF or better


Check how it measures up on Shadowcraft though

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Alright! Thanks for the answers and I just learned about shadowcraft so i'll definitely start checking there

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I have a query about this trinket actually running along side the detonation trinket as Assassination. From stat weights critical strike is high for the spec but I worry that having almost 60% crit with both trinkets proc at the same time devalues it, as they almost always proc around the same time.


I just wondered if there was a way to check at what point critical strike has diminishing returns?

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Check them both in Shadowcraft. but I think you're probably right and you're better off going with the Beating Heart of the Mountain cause it lines up with Vendetta

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