Can someone tell me what my shaman is doing wrong? Elemental

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According to all of the sims and other shamans iv'e spoken with, Our shaman should be pulling higher numbers but isn't. Any Tips?

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I'm enha/resto so I can't go into detail. But there's few things that are universal.


  1. According to the logs, he's using the Unleashed Fury talent. This talent should move Unleash Flame to a high priority but your friend has a lot of gaps in its uptime. He should be casting it more often.
  2. He seems to be using Elemental Mastery on cooldown, which is fine, but he's not doing the same with Ascendance, often using it only once in the beginning even in a 5 minute encounter (3 min cooldown).
  3. Your group uses Heroism quite late. This might be the reason why your friend uses his potion after the pull. The best case is to prepot so he can use another potion during his next Ascendance or Elemental Mastery, preferably both if the encounter is long enough and both cooldowns meet again.
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Anything HUGE Though? Those are good points, but i was hoping for more of a solid definitive answer. When shes simming for  6-8k more than what shes pulling, it brings concern to me.

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Just looking at gruul for now, acendance and other cd's didnt sync with hero, missing 5% flame shock uptime, missing unleash flame casts, all small issues.


large gaps where nothing is been cast at all, needs to work on maintaining dps while moving

zoomed in on a 15 second segment here with almost no casts

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So I am looking at the logs and their armory page as I write this up and the first thing I see is that yes they should be doing better. This is partly due to how they have chosen their gear however and how they have optimized it.


Multistrike for Ele shamans are the most important stat by far if you cannot at least get 45% raid buffed you are going to be far behind of where you should be. From what I am seeing they are at 33% from their current armory from the time of this post. This with 5% multi will give you 38% and with food buff it'll give up to almost 40%. 


The second thing I see which also deals with multistrike is their enchants. As an ele shammy if you do not have the multistrike enchant for your weapon you will not do well. It is a simple fact with how good this enchant is and how often it procs. Also just overall getting everything socketed with best gems and enchants will give them a much better multistrike percent.


The fight I will look at is Gruul since it is the closest thing you will get to a stand still single target fight in BRF. 


They were petrified twice which explains why their active time was in the 98%'s so that isn't bad at all.


This was already said but flame shock is the most crucial thing to keep track of so missing 5% throughout a fight is unacceptable if you know what your rotation is. 


Unleashed Fury in my opinion is not a good talent to take in this tier. Primal elementalist ties with all other talents in this tier and it is the best rounded of them all. You are not able to utilize UF or Elemental Blast in AOE fights also you move so much in most of these fights that Elemental Blast becomes useless also. So I would highly suggest to just run PE for every fight in this tier it not only simplifies your rotation but also gives you maximum dps for your talent since you will never lose dps from PE unless you override it with a Searing Totem. 


Should be using 2 pots each fight I am currently only showing one on Gruul. For a Ele shammy your pot goes really well with Ascendance so if you can pre-pot and get your Ascendance with it and then 3 min in pop your CD's and your second pot again it will give you a little boost to your dps. 


LAVA BURST LAVA BURST LAVA BURST. I am looking at lava surge procs right now and the buff is staying up for way too long probably 3-4 other lava surge procs were wasted through this time when you didn't use it immediately. 


Spiritwalker's Grace will help you maximize your dps when you pop your CD's. Basically shit happens if you want to not waste a second of your dps pop Spiritwalker's Grace and on top of that make sure to glyph it. There is no reason to run the ice shock glyph switch this out with the 5 additional seconds and you will be a much happier lava bursting badass with glowing hands.


You do not have your 4 set yet so I will not push for this too much but once you get your 4 set Echo Echo Echo Echo. I cannot stress this enough, I initially didn't think that the 2 charge change was that good but using it with the 4 set and just seeing how it works with even lava surge procs from your flame shock is insane. Every shaman has watched over and over again seeing your lava burst come down to 1 left and then get a lava surge proc basically wasting 7 seconds of CD time for your lava burst. With Echo this all goes away make sure you never have any charges sitting just keep casting and you will end up with more lava bursts throughout a fight guaranteed. You may say this isn't as good as an additional CD but echo can be looked at the same way as PE Echo is really good on every fight no matter what it is, however it may not always be the best but it makes your life much easier and can easily improve your dps.


Another thing that will help is to macro shards of nothing to something ANYTHING so you get the most uses from it. I personally would bind it to Ascendance just to make sure that if you do forget to use it you still would get the maximum use of it since you lined it up with other CD's


#showtooltip Ascendance

/cast Ascendance

/cast Elemental Mastery

/use Shards of Nothing

/use Draenic Intellect Potion


#showtooltip Elemental Mastery

/cast Elemental Mastery

/use Shards of Nothing


Those macro's can just replace your Ascendance and Elemental Mastery button and you can just forget about using your pot during the fight and you can forget about your shards of nothing if you want.


They seem to be using Shamanistic Rage fine with is a 30% dmg reduction but Astral Shift is 40% if I remember correctly and you can easily pair both of those to mitigate all damage together.


Which leads me to suggest removing your glyph of Fire elemental and to use the glyph of Lightning shield so you basically have a passive 10% dmg reduction throughout the whole fight and since the glyph of Fire elemental actually isnt useful in any circumstance in this tier there really isn't any reason to use it.


My laptop is about to die so I will review more later when I have access to a charger or my actual computer and this is what I just happened to see with just a glance I can look more in depth in this fight and others. Also if I didn't make any sense with something just let me know and I will clarify.

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