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Any Tips On My Ret Pally?

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Can anyone give me tips on things i can improve or maybe im doing wrong?
The paladin is mudsliide (the ret). Its me personally so im just looking to improve.


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I'm not the best and I could be wrong, but here is what I seen.  It doesn't look like your building holy power until 5.  I know it seems like it makes more sense to cast FV whenever possible, and I've struggled witht he logic myself.  But what I understad is that there are times in the fight where everything is on cooldown and you are just doing melee damage.  if you try  keep you HP on 5 (or atleast as high as possible) until you throw FV it reduces those times where your just sitting there doing nothing.  So if everything is on cooldown and you have 3 or 4 HP then by all means throw FV, but if not us your other HP builders, so that it minimizes the time your sitting there with nothing to cast.


Second, try and time when you drink your potion to when you can cast AW immiediatly before or after.  This maximizes the Pots effectiveness. 


I just looked at Gruul and this is what I got.  Like I said take, what I say with a grain of salt.  smile.png

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