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[US- Emerald Dream] [A] <Llama Lords of Science> Community for older gamers LFM!

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Guild Name: Llama Lords of Science

Realm: Emerald Dream - US RP-PvP

Faction: Alliance

Style: Casual Ranked PvP (mostly arenas) with some PvE if there is interest. Light RP will also be provided.

Officer Names to Contact: Kimagi, Qimi, Vroc, Kozzo



Greetings denizens of Azeroth!


The <Llama Lords of Science> request your presence in our never-ending struggle to provide the llamas of the world with hats! Join us, and you will clothe 142 Mexican Whooping Llamas!




We are a brand spanking new guild....we even still have that new guild smell! We are looking to find people like you to join us! We are currently small, but our goal is to fix that!



ph34r.png Who we are looking for:

  • Older folks (preferably 25+, the officers are all 34+)

  • Casual or competitive players. We will be doing plenty of PvP, and maybe some raiding...however these wont be required. Opportunities will be available for ranked arenas and progressive raiding

  • A majestic m00se

  • People who enjoy the occasionally fart jokes and toilet humor (This is our get away from real life...right?)

  • People who may be new to PvE, PvP, or RP, and want to learn!

  • People who know how to PvE, PvP, or RP, and don't mind teaching others, or being in a relaxed/casual environment for these

  • We are also looking for groups of gamers who may be looking for a home. We will be happy to offer your group an officer position as well!



ph34r.png You may be a perfect fit for us if:

  • You feel bad about it, but you love Cards Against Humanity

  • You know every word to the first 3 Star Wars movies. And if you have to ask which movies I am referring to, well, you may not fit in.

  • You have too many stories about your DnD campaigns, including that one time when a bugbear ran off with your pants.

  • You shop at S-Smart. That's right. Shot Smart. Shot S-mart!

  • Your idea of the best Saturday night involves 6 of yours friends, a copious amount of boxed wine, and board games

  • You have kids, or you basically still are a kid. There is nothing wrong with playing with leggos in your 30s!

  • If you can't decide if Picard or Kirk was the best captain.



ph34r.png Who we are, and who we are hoping to be as a guild:

  • A place to have fun in WoW. Yeah I know, every guild says that. The environment we wish to foster is one where YOU can decide how you want to have fun in WoW. If work was hard and you want to be antisocial and battleground by yourself, that's fine. If you want to run transmog runs until your bank pleads for mercy, that's fine.

  • A place where all are welcomed. We ask for older folks to join mostly because we are older! But if you are 18 and want to give us a shot, you wont be turned down. We are accepting of any group of people. I am not going to do one of those silly lists where I say we're x,y,z friendly. That's silly. We're people friendly.



The only things we put on our no-no list: 

  •      Griefing. We may be on a pvp server, but this doesn't mean we are required to act like a$$-hats. We're better than that! 

  •      Being awful/disrespectful to a guildie. Try to also take this outside of the guild to non-guildies too, but I know too well the attitudes of many on ED. If you are having a problem CONTACT AN OFFICER. That's our job. Remember...this is our happy place!



We have a website, although there is very little on it right now. Here is the linky linky: Llama Lords of Science -> Official Website of Awesomeness!



If you would like to join the guild, there are a few ways to do this:

First, you can post here: Follow the Directions and Make a Post in this Forum


>> Probably the best way to get an invite is to whisper us in-game <<

I recommend contacting Kimagi, Qimi, or Vroc.  Keep in mind, since there aren't a lot of us, you may not see one of us on at all times. Your best bet is to /who Llama Lords of Science from 5-10 CST and ask for an officer.


We hope to meet you soon! Don't forget to bring your friends!

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