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[US-Tichondrius][H] <Eclipsed> LFM For BRF Mythic & Casuals 7-10pm PST

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Guild: Eclipsed

Server: Tichondrius - Horde

Raid times: Tues/Wed- 7:30-10:15pm (PST) and Sunday 6-9pm PST optional Monday for Legacy/HM/alt content.


<Eclipsed> is a semi-hardcore 3-day raiding guild that is recruiting more than just raiders, we're recruiting people who are looking for the friendship and camaraderie (friends wut are doez).  We like to progress, but we value our friendships within the guild more and our focus has always been and will continue to be having fun in the game.  We love to raid, but we also find time to get together and do arenas, RBGs, and on occasion PUGing- whatever floats our boat.  Our background is pretty diverse, ranging from top-100 raiders to gladiators, but the majority of our core group has been together for years and our average member is mid 20s.


Eclipsed is comprised of 3 tiers of membership (excluding leadership): Social, Casual and Progression.




For all intents and purposes, this is our entry level membership level.  Social invites do not "require" an application, although it would be nice to get a feel for who you are before we welcome you into our home.  We currently have about 20-25 online during peak times on raid days and are recruiting players that would like to hang out.  All we require is that you're not a douche, not looking for handouts and can handle "Adult"/"Colorful" (nigguh, no hard R, don’t call the NAACP on us) content in guild chat and mumble.




Our intermediate tier, casuals (fruckin casuals) raiders are welcome to join our “farm content” on Tuesdays and Mondays, 7:30-10:15pm PST.  The casual tier is intended for raiders who cannot commit to a full-time raid schedule or are otherwise unable (or incapable) to raid with the progression team, we will recommend you for our Casual team.



Progression Raiders: (Currently 9/10h)

Our progression team is made up of our most serious raiders who seek the highest level of progression.  Progression raiders are required to have near perfect attendance and be capable of handling mechanics on all the fights and a bare minimum average of at least 50%+ in your gear bracket for your class/spec throughout all fights. Progression spots are never guaranteed and are EARNED based on one’s performance and ability. Simply wearing the Eclipsed guild tag and being liked by the leadership will not influence our decision when it comes to who attends progression nights.


If you are asked to sit out on a progression fight for whatever reason, we understand that you may be upset. However, the leaders of Eclipsed expect you to conduct yourself in a mature and professional attitude. It is for the guild, nothing more, and we must do what is necessary to guarantee progression. Progression raids are Tues & Wed 7:30-10:15pm PST;  Sun 6:00-9:00pm PST with a semi-optional Monday (7:30-10:15pm PST).


What we can provide you:

-Guild repairs (on raid nights)

-Flasks and Pots (we’re rich biotch)

-A tabard (ballin')

-Guild bank (o YEA space for yo !@#$)

-Happy ending…. (maybe, but not from Waterelement)

-Leet raiders (yea we are 1/1 Magtheridon!!!)


Current progression:

7/7 N & H Highmaul

2/7 M Highmaul

10/10 N BRF

9/10 H BRF (BH is going down like my internets)


Current Class Wants (don’t need all):

DK- High: Blood; Medium: Unholy

Druid- High: Balance/Feral; Low: Resto/Guardian

Hunter- Low: BM

Mage- Medium: Arcane/Fire

Monk - High: Mistweaver(or Fistweaver); Brewmaster; Medium: Windwalker

Paladin- High: Retribution/Protection; Low: Holy

Priest- High: Shadow; Disc/Holy

Rogue- Medium: All

Shaman- High: Elemental/Resto; Low: Enhancement

Warlock- Low: All

Warrior- High: Tank; Medium: DPS


As always if your class is not listed above we consider any exceptional applicants.



More Information:


In-game Contact:

GM: Bene#1343

Raid Leader: Chupa#1619

PvE/Recruitment Officer: Kittykat#1602

PvP: Kronicnams#1382

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