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[US-Thrall][H] (7/7H, 10/10N, 7/10H) LFM

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[H]Tarot[7/7H Highmaul, 10/10N 7/10H Blackrock Foundry] is recruiting! We have a great group of people who work extremely well together, treat each other with respect, and will work hard to tackle even the toughest of goals.

We are actively recruiting exceptional raiders (ilvl 660+) for Heroic and Mythic progression. Currently we are looking for a solid Tank (prefer Brewmaster Monk or Prot Pally) and DPS, in high need of a Mage, Boomkin and Windwalker Monk. Other apps will be considered as well. Our raid spots are competitive and we welcome all interested parties to apply, regardless if their classes are listed above. If you can perform at a high level and think we would be a good fit for you, feel free to contact us for a trial period.

Tues/Wed/Thurs*8:30pm-12am EST. These are our required hours to be a core raider. Although we have a fairly light schedule we do take our progression seriously and want to make the most of our time by being as efficient as possible. With that being said, We require all members to have consistent attendance for our raids. 100% raid attendance is important for continued progression.

Please be ready for heroic/mythic raiding in terms of fight knowledge. Come prepared by having your toon gemmed, enchanted, etc. You are expected to be an expert with your class and perform at a level that is appropriate for your gear level and spec. We expect you to be able to adapt to any situation and change your build based on the needs of the fight.

Guild repair is available to raiders as well as feasts and flasks provided for raids.

Who we are:
We are a mature and competitive guild that has an active environment outside of raiding that includes Heroic Dungeons, Challenge Modes, LFR, PvP, and achievement and mount runs. We have some of the most helpful leaders you will ever meet who will go out of their way to assist guild members.

We have a calm and collected atmosphere. If you’re the type of person who loses your composure easily while raiding we are not interested in you. We strive to have an environment where you enjoy the people you raid with and as such any toxic or negative attitudes will be dealt with swiftly.

We have a zero tolerance policy for individuals who do not know how to conduct themselves in a manner which is helpful to the team. This is a hobby and should be enjoyable, and when things get serious there will be no screaming raid leaders or members that belittle others.

We want you to take personal responsibility for your performance. You are expected to execute your assigned job effectively. If this means you must look up ways to improve or compare yourself to others in your role you are expected to do so. Most anyone can make improvements no matter how good you think you are.

We do not require an application for a trial period. Our goal is to start progressing in mythic once we fill the holes in our roster.

Interested candidates or those seeking more information, please contact Lucidik (kandarian#1109), or Aldeon in game.

Thank you for considering Tarot!

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