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BlackROCK foundry Fury warrior DPS

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I am trying to improve my DPS but wanted to see if I am doing anything wrong from what I am doing and what other fury warriors are doing in the combat logs 




Armory Page : http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/player/us/tichondrius/Ówen 




SingleTargett fights I use the following talents


Single Target              Mutli-Target

Double time                       ''

Impending Victory             ''

Storm Bolt                      Dragon Roar 

Vigilence                            ''

Avatar                           BladeStorm

Siege breaker                Ravanger


My rotation is as follows


Open with charge and proc an execute I rotate procs on Wild strike and Raging blows

- Popping Global CD's where needed Berserk, Recklessness when not enraged.

- Stormbolts when off CD

- Rallying Cry and Die by the sword as Defensive Cd's

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askmrrobotlogs shows now details..here is a gruul log from 09.03.15

- your enrage uptime is too low and you don´t use Berserker Rage when enrage falls off. in this log show it that you use it when you dont have a RB stack; use berserker rage if your enrage falls off. here is the log for you(if you dont see a graph enable graph options in warcraftlogs):




- your cd-timings for executephase must be better...keep your powerfullcd for this phase and dont use every cd one after another.(combinate it) if you dont knows fightlenght etc addons help(exetime,timetokill or so). here is the log where you can show your exetime


-  another tip watch your trinketprocs. a little bit luck and you have a very powerful execute time:-) and hope for usetrinkets:-)

- 8x stormbolt in 5:21 mins fightlength.cd was 30sek or?

- reduce the damage taken by gruul..use your leap to move out and intervene back to your group when boss cast inferno strike to your group and support the healers with defstance,healpot gains kisses and a little bit more heal by them:-)



 read the guide: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/fury-warrior-pve-dps-rotation-cooldowns-abilities

i cant show your gear because you are in deffgear atm



sry for my englisch roma in english and back its not easy:-)

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