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Five Heroes We'd Still Like To See In Heroes of the Storm

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Heroes of the Storm has brought a ton of awesome characters from the various Blizzard franchises together, but there are obviously hundreds more that could be added over time. These are five that very much should...




From the Warcraft franchise:



Maiev Shadowsong


Maiev is among the noticeable exclusions, and an easy character to bring into Heroes for a variety of reasons. The Warden from Warcraft III (The Frozen Throne) is already established, and could be updated to fit the Heroes balance framework. Maiev has a direct opponent in Illidan, but also allies/common ground with many of the Warcraft Heroes (Tyrande, Malfurion, Jaina, Thrall, etc.). The Warden playstyle - mobility, snares, and the ability to deal area damage to weaker units - would make a great Assassin (unfortunately, already the most loaded archetype).




A lot of players would also like to get behind the wheel of enemy characters:



Grom Hellscream


There are a lot of warlords, warchiefs, Shadow Council characters, etc. for Blizzard to consider, but Grom is the one Orc (other than Thrall!) who deserves to make the cut. He was a Blademaster in Warcraft III, among the more significant heroes of the Horde before Warlords of Draenor, and a massively visible character in the WoW setting today (the face of WoD!). He could be easily adapted to play as either an Assassin or a Warrior, depending on whether Blizzard preferred the 'Blademaster' era Grom or a more Warlord-esque modern interpretation.




Or more faction leaders:


5rClEwF.jpgProphet Velen


Velen has developed into a cornerstone of the Warcraft universe as the leader of the Draenei and a powerful Priest. He may well be foremost in the characters dedicated to defeating the Burning Legion, which means his presence in Warcraft going forward is likely to become even further amplified. Already having crossed over into Hearthstone, Velen would be one of a narrow handful of characters including Illidan, Jaina, Thrall, Malfurion, and Uther to feature in all three games with Warcraft characters.




From the Diablo universe:


3GIj9dH.jpgMephisto, Lord of Hatred


I love Malthael as much as the next faceless demon, and I can certainly appreciate the people who would get a short-term laugh out of playing as a killer Deckard Cain (there's almost a Yoda-esque vibe there - him leaning on his cane, but suddenly kicking ass?), but if there is a major character from Diablo that needs to be in Heroes of the Storm, it is Mephisto. MF Meph runs still haunt the dreams of Diablo II players everywhere, and the ghostly demon could be worked into almost any role in Heroes (arguably best as a Specialist).




From the StarCraft universe:



Gabriel Tosh


Bringing over Nova was great, but anyone who played Wings of Liberty knows that Tosh was the far and away more interesting character. The Spectres are absolutely the more unique flavour of psionic characters from StarCraft, and could play as Assassins or Specialists, depending on the implementation. There might be a little bit of voice actor confusion up against Nazeebo or any future Trolls (please don't put Trolls in Heroes, oh god), but it would be worth it for the voodoo variation on Nova to make it into Heroes.




What additional characters would you like to see appear in Heroes?

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From Diablo II, I would kill to be able to play the Necromancer character. He was insanely popular. I would envision something like summoning a skeletal army that's semipermanent... maybe they do low damage, but you can summon them from dead minions? Plus... corpse explosion as an ultimate. Really - you can't go wrong.

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From Diablo II, I would kill to be able to play the Necromancer character. He was insanely popular. I would envision something like summoning a skeletal army that's semipermanent... maybe they do low damage, but you can summon them from dead minions? Plus... corpse explosion as an ultimate. Really - you can't go wrong.


The Necromancer archetype overlaps pretty tightly with the Witch Doctor, but was definitely a cool character. It would be interesting to see how a Hero that mostly used minions would work in Heroes - there might be some complicated interactions with experience gain or abilities that benefit from killing minions to build stacks up. Neat theory, though.

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Archmage Khadgar, WoW Arcane Mage, would like to see some teleportation, arcane missiles and the Arcane elemental minion.


Rexxar, WoW Hunter-class and pet Misha ("teddy/little bear").


Gul'dan, WoW Warlock-class. Sacrifice friendly minions for health, fire some OP chaos bolts and summon some minion demons


Anduin Wrynn, WoW Priest-class. Go Shadow Priest or Holy Priest.


Valeera Sanguinar, WoW Rogue-class. Go stealth and backstab people


Taran Zhu, WoW Windwalker monk (since Chen is already brewmaster and Li-li is like a mistweaver).


Belial, Diablo Lord of Lies. 

Disguise a elite mercenary as ordinary creep until a hero hits it.

Creates a illusion of a friendly hero. (The friendly hero can either roam, or fake ambush other people)

Poison breath and strike just as the boss-fight.

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For our upcoming Heroes section, which we're currently working on, I had to go through the list of all heroes many times and the hero breakdown per franchise heavily favours WoW. WoW has 19 Heroes, Starcraft 9, and Diablo 6. I'd really like to see more heroes from Starcraft and Diablo, just to make things a bit more balanced tongue.png

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