[EU-Sunstrider][H] <Origin> are recruiting! 3/7M HM 10/10HC BRF

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The Guild

Origin has an active raiding team of 18 players currently. We are raiding 3 times a week.

Current raiding days are Sunday,Wednesday and Thursday 20:00-23:00hrs GMT +1

Server time.

At this current time we are mainly on the lookout for a few hunters, boomkins, enhancement shamans and deathknight dps. However we are always looking for hard working, intelligent players.

Our progress raiders are mature, dedicated, and determined to get the best out of their class and make the best use of their time whilst raiding.

How to Apply

Please have a look at our forums and make an application if you know you have something we are looking for. All applicants will be considered as we are always on the lookout for amazing players.

If you are mature, punctual, determined, dedicated and a team player please join us in Highmaul, Blackrock and beyond!

For more information please whisper any of our officer team: Icaria-Daggerspine, Storrm-Sunstrider, Zensan-Sunstrider and Zenza-Talnivarr.

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