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[US-Proudmoore][A] Depth Recruiting all roles for Mythic Progress

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<Depth> is a newly formed raiding guild who has recently transferred to Proudmoore. We are currently recruiting players of all classes, specs, and roles to come and join us for our Mythic push which we will achieve with a limited schedule.


Our current raid times are as follows:

T: 9-Midnight EST

W: 9-Midnight EST

Th: 9-Midnight EST


A core of raiders from a lower population server cluster decided to make the move to a higher population server so that we could experience a better raiding scene.; that’s how we came into existence on Proudmoore – US. In our first raid on Proudmoore, we went on to easily dispatch the first 8 heroic bosses in BRF in about 2 hours. On our previous server we were 9/10 heroic, and we anticipate killing Heroic Blast Furnace and Blackhand on Proudmoore this week; we will be moving on to mythic content very soon.


Our current roster is made up of a mature group of players with a wide range if in-game experiences including multiple players with significant time spent in US top 100 guilds. We are looking for players who know their class and role inside and out, people who are committed to reading logs, min-maxing, and who want to clear out mythic content. We’re ALSO looking for people who can do that in a friendly, patient, and mature manner. It’s important that you can take constructive criticism well. It’s ALSO important that when you give criticism it’s constructive—we won’t have some toxic downer who may or may not be good at their class screaming at their fellow raiders. If that’s you, you should move along.


<Depth> is a pretty active, although small, guild. We seek to bring people into the fold. We like to do alt runs, challenge modes, and just hang out in mumble and make each other laugh in down times.


Our highest needs are these:


Tank: Prefer Brewmaster, Paladin, or DK but any non Prot Warrior would have a good chance.


Healer: Priest skilled in both Holy and Disc, and Holy Paladin preferred. Other classes are welcome to apply.


DPS: We need Ranged DPS (Highest need: Mages or Warlocks). Other ranged DPS classes are welcome to apply as well. Skilled melee dps are also needed.


Racists and Homophobes need not apply.


Apply at http://depth-proudmoore.enjin.com or contact Atar at Ataraxia#1620

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