[US-Dark Iron][A] <Juggernaut> 10/10H BRF LF Healers & DPS for Mythic BRF

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Juggernaut is a guild formed on Dark Iron-US. We are a group of veteran players that have been around since the Vanilla and have played at almost every level of this game. Our goal is push PvE content while maintaining a low amount of raid hours and having fun.


General Information

Website: http://juggernaut.withershinsband.com

Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

Raid Times: 7PM - 9PM PST. We usually start to pull trash 30 minutes before raid is scheduled to begin however, we never pull a boss before hand.

VoIP: All raid participants are required to use Mumble. A mic is not required but preferred.

Loot: Loot is Need (Main Spec) and Greed (Offspec). We use RCLootCouncil to determine set bonuses and encourage constructive conversations regarding loot.


Current Progression

7/7 Heroic Highmaul

1/7 Mythic Highmaul

10/10 Normal Blackrock Foundry

10/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry



Clear Heroic & Mythic content before each new raid tier.

Raid less than 6 hours a week. We like all other players have full-time jobs or are students.

Create a community of like-minded players



For more information on our recruitment process please visit our recruitment forum.


At this time we are looking for talented DPS and healers, we have specific openings for the following classes:




Balance Druid



Shadow Priests


Holy Paladin


All interested players are encouraged to either apply or get in contact with us, we will accept exceptional players of any class!

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