[EU-Sylvanas[A] Maelstrom is recruting! 8/10 HC

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We are looking for experienced players to strengthen our team as we progress through Mythic Blackrock and Foundry.


We have a friendly, competitive atmosphere ant try to get the most out our raider's performance. 

Our Current Progress:

HM HC 7/7

BRF HC 8/10


We are currently searching for:

Melee DPS (DK, Rogue)

Range DPS (Priest, Lock, Boomkin)

Healer (Monk, Priest)


Other Classes are also welcome

We will always consider any applicants outside of our current class needs.

Feel free to contact us


What we can expect from our raiders

- Mature players (preferably 18+)

- Always showing up with a good attitude, pots and flasks at the ready.

- Stable internet connection

- Previous/current experience with high end content.

- A constant motivation to improve your own playstyle, and great knowledge of your own class.


What Applicants can expect from the guild

- A strong team that strive to progress through content and have fun whilst doing so.

- A great atmosphere during raid times, which still focuses towards progression.

- TS3 for raid/social activities.

- A friendly, close-knit community that will have activities outside of raid hours. (Alt raids/Challenge Modes/and potentially PVP)


We raid 3 time's a week;

Thursday 19.30 - 23.00

Sunday 19.30 - 23.00

Tuesday 19.30 - 23.00


Contact Information:

/W us ingame, replay on this post or on our website




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