[US-Mannoroth][A] Shadow Knights 3/10 M BRF LF Healers

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Mainly Recruiting the following:

Holy Paladin
Mistweaver Monk
Resto Shaman

Our Current Raid Times are as follows:

Tuesday: 7:45/8:00 EST - 11:30
Wednesday: 7:45/8:00 EST - 11:30
Thursday: 7:45/8:00 EST - 11:30

Shadow Knights is a semi-hardcore competitive 20-man mythic raiding guild that focus on progression. Our goal, is to clear as much content as possible within our planned raid schedule. While we value skills over iLVL, we expect our members to be competitive, resourceful and proactive. Our raid leading team has several years of experience in different leadership position, over a handful of different games.

We highly value attendance and being on time for raid. Everyone is expected to come to raid night with basic understanding of boss mechanics and the proper personal raiding supplies. We only raid 3 nights a week and we want to make every night count.

We loot via loot council based on performance, raid progression mindset and attendance. We work as a team to kill bosses and look to best prepare that team as a whole.

If you feel this is the home for you, please contact any of our Officers for more information.

Medium Needs:
If you are an exceptional player of any class/spec and do not see your spec listed under our highest needs, then please do not let that deter you from contacting us. We value skill over ilevel. Attendance and loyalty over pudding making skills.

Contact Information:

Guild Master:
-Marcato (Btag: Marcato#1744)

-Oathkeyper (Btag: Oath#1825)

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