The Next Hero for Heroes of the Storm

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Images available on the Heroes of the Storm site - a thumbnail portrait and a Hero picture - point to the next Hero that players can expect to see emerging in the Nexus. It is unclear at this point when additional Heroes will be added, but a possibility exists that it will occur with the Open Beta or release patch.


As for who that new Hero is - someone just won't stay down. He's rather fond of setbacks...



Kael'thas Sunstrider


Speculation suggests that Kael's abilities will probably be a mixture of how the Warcraft III Frozen Throne Blood Mage worked, and some updating to bring those abilities more in line with how Kael'thas was represented in World of Warcraft.


Do you have any thoughts on what Kael might look like in Heroes? What Hero are you hoping for next?

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I would love to see a Hellscream playable. How beautiful would it be to watch Thrall and Garrosh Duke it out mid :D

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We haven't seen a warlock style hero in the game so far. Doubt kael would be one cause he wasn't ever.

But I like to see kael like he is as a boss in WoW. Spawning an ashes of alar would be nice. Definitely want to see him as an assassin, cause let's face it, Sylvanas as a specialist was a mistake, she's op so far in hero damage, big nerf incoming for sure. And now I hope they don't fall in for that again.

Don't know if they go for dragons too or not, but one of the dragons from the warcraft story would be absolutely amazing. Like Alexstrasza, she's great! She can buff other teammates for some time with infinite mana regen and other stuff just like her ability in wow. She can bring dead heroes back to life, something like Zilean does in LoL. And she can breath healing spells on allies. And she's also Hot! what else we need :p

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