[US-Perenolde][A] <Lewt teh Dogs> 8/10 HBRF Need Heals/DPS

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Pants NOT REQUIRED!!! biggrin.png This is the place for you biggrin.png


We are a serious/casual guild... Does that really exist? Why, yes! Yes it does.

We are recruiting DPS (Preferably not on the PROTECTOR token, and 2 CONSISTENT healers (monk, shammy, pali please!)

We are currently 8/10 H BRF and would like to eventually do Mythic, but at the moment we are only running with 15.

About Us
We are a lighthearted guild that aims for progression without sacrificing a friendly and fun atmosphere. We’re not above cracking jokes in the middle of a boss fight, but we also expect everyone to focus when it’s time for progression.

Our raid schedule is Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 8:00 pm Eastern to 11:00 pm Eastern time. Interested Trial Raiders are expected to attend the full week of raids to be considered for their respective position, barring officer-approved circumstances. You are expected to be on time (prepared for 8:00 pm pull) and to stay the full duration of the raid for the entire duration of your trial period, which typically lasts between 3-6 raid nights. Please contact officers regarding your availability for trial.

Ventrilo voice chat and a functional microphone are required.

Things We Consider
Personality: It goes without saying that we want you to know your class. What’s even more important, however, is that we fit well personality-wise. Topping the DPS meters or soloing a boss for the last 2% of a fight isn’t going to mean much if you’re an a*hole. Downing bosses is important but we never want to compromise the atmosphere of the raid.

Composure: Wipes happen. We are looking for raiders who can maintain a cool and collected attitude even in the most stressful environments. Delivering feedback in a respectful way is crucial.

Gear/Spec/Numbers: More objective details will be evaluated as needed.

These data points help us get a better idea of whether candidates are a good fit for the guild. We also encourage you to consider whether LTD is a good fit for you!

Check us out! Just add Voys#1638 with questions or even just to get to know some of us biggrin.png

We offer FREE COOKIES and Margi hugs (hopefully she wears clothes this time ><)

Thankies ^^

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