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Asssuming 2 targets like in that hans fight or the twins fight


So, I need to keep up Beast Cleave every 4 seconds, Steady Focus Every 10 seconds. 


Then, between those 4 second windows I need to do Barrage, Kill command, explosive trap, and sometimes kill shot?  Then, every ten seconds I need to string together 2 Cobra shots.


Looks like Barrage is on a 20 second timer and Explosive Trap is on a 30 second timer.


So, it looks like I would mostly need to worry about Kill command hitting that every other 4 second window.  And, cobra.  I would need to do that probably ever other 4 second window to be safe.


Then, I would need to make sure I hit Focus fire before bestial wrath and before Kill command.


I'm not even sure how a "rotation" would look like with all that crap to fit into 4 second and 10 second windows while hitting everything on cool down.














1) Use Barrage off cooldown.
2) Use Kill Command off cooldown.
3) Use Kill Shot off cooldown when the target is under 20% health.
4) Use Multi-Shot as much as needed to keep Beast Cleave up.
5) Keep Steady Focus up by chaining Cobra Shotfrequently and if this talent is chosen. This should ideally be inherent in your shot cycle already. (And also a complete necessity in order to perform the rest of the priority!)
6) Use Explosive Trap off cooldown.
7) Arcane Shot should be used to dump excess focus. 70 focus is a decent (but not final) guideline.
8) Cobra Shot should be used when there is nothing else to do or you need more focus.

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It's a lot easier than it sounds.  Your AoE rotation pretty much looks like this:


MS > CS x2 >>> continue like that until you end up with ~80-100 focus before MS, that's where you will cast Barrage or Kill Command, depending on which is available.


Since Focus Fire and Frenzy stacks are largely out of your control, you will use this at 5 stacks at all times or at any amount of stacks before going into BW.  



If you read the previous thread, I answered there:


Read the 2 target section and 3 target section.  BW doesn't change these priorities.


Eventually you will get to a point that you have just refreshed BC with MS and will have 60+ focus and Barrage isn't on cd, this is where you would use KC > CS > MS > continue.  This happens roughly every 5-6 cycles iirc.


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