[US-FIZZCRANK][A] <Incursio Tres> 10/10 HBRF 2 night/6 hrs raid schedule is recruiting for Mythic

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Incursio Tres of Fizzcrank-US is a recently reformed guild made up of experienced and successful raiders looking for a more casual end content atmosphere. We started out this expansion as a small group of friends but have since expanded in number and talent. We are now looking to round out our Mythic raid team roster with a few dedicated and talented DPS. We will be starting Mythic BRF content this week and expect to progress swiftly.

Our raid time is 7-10 CST (Wednesday & Sunday)

Loot distribution

  • We /roll on loot, all of our raiders are fair, mature, and put the raid before their ilvl. Officers have a fairly unofficial loot council that is utilized to make sure everyone is, for example, getting their set bonuses off tier. Our loot system is extremely laid back.

What we are looking for

  • DPS class (excluding druid and shaman)


  • Demonstrated ability to play class effectively in end-game raid environment(Warcraft Log Parses)


  • 675 ilvl+, we are looking for individuals ready to tackle Mythic BRF today

What we have to offer

  • Mythic content on a 6 hour/week raid schedule


  • Full repairs, flasks, pots, enchants, gems


  • Diplomatic leadership and officers, friendly and upbeat raiders


  • Zero drama

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