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Need help to improve dps

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Hey Haloos,


Firstly please ask your logger/yourself to enable advanced combat logging as it makes log analysis easier because you can also see things like when the boss enters execute and your fury levels. 


https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/xMJ9Cvy16BhpDY87/#fight=8&type=resourcesExplains how.


Going to look at Gruul because it's easy to read and because whatever you do not so great here will probably be the same things throughout all fights. 


Opener: Is decent and you got a fair bit of burst but you can do better :) Have a look at this one on the bottom of this page (the whole site has a lot of great info).

DS: Number of casts per fight: good. 2nd DS: 4 Meta SFs, 3rd DS: 2 meta SFs. So what was the issue? Lack of MC procs perhaps or maybe fury? Part of the may be a unlucky streak, it happens on ST sometimes, but it seems you also you went into your DS burns too early. Ideally before each fight I would suggest make a guess of the fight length (or during you can use something like a Time to Die addon/Weak Aura). Assuming that you raid with a guild then looking at past logs is usually the best option (then shortening it a bit for better gear and skill) however that is possibly not an option for you if logs are not recorded. Anyhow once you have your length then calculate how many DS you can get in + 1 from AD. You always want a DS in execute (I am pretty sure you didn't have one) and if you had done each DS 30 seconds later that's a lot higher chance on MC procs. Magic number for a 20 second DS: 800 fury and 6-8MC procs (though you can fish the latter with CWs if you have to). You were also in caster during DS, such a waste! 

Estimating execute I can only see one caster SF pre execute so well done. Did you have a pre-execute dump of MC stacks? I think so but just remember and ideally have these buffed. If you know timings you have a lot more time to play with and can be on the lookout for your procs. Meta SFs out of DS and not buffed with your great trinkets=way too many=way too much damage lost.

Grimoire: Number of uses fine and used with DS and potion: Excellent! However, you remember me saying DS in execute? This is partly why you want to. Doomy does 20% more damage under 20%! (Both your permanent pet and the extra one).

DoT uptimes: Doom 96% Corruption 95% so both on the low side.  

I can see you have it now but you didn't have your 4 set for this Gruul kill right?  You didn't get one extra HoG however if that is the case then you are usually better using HoG over CW. 4 CWs out of DS (but perhaps you had say 2 other buffs rolling as I didn't check). 


HoG stacking good but I really think that you must of been capped sometimes. You can cast pre cast to the second and third stack and then never cap.


ToCs: Perhaps a little high but perhaps you had to move a lot. Just remember this is a last resort for movement or fury burns if really have nothing else (for the latter better planning usually helps though). 


Soul Leech+Soul Link>Dark Regen+Sac Pact (unless you really think a certain mechanic will kill you but warlocks are a lot tougher than anyone else!) 

SF>SB in caster done well, Judging by the lack of meta SFs at the end then I think that you must of finished the fight on a decent amount of fury though (and hence wasted it).  


Let me know if you don't understand something that I have written and good luck!


Disclaimer: Being human I may have made a mistake. If you think so tell me. 

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You're welcome Haloos. I realise that I actually made it sound more complicated than it is with the fight length. So just be aware you don't want to miss having an extra DS in the fight if you wait too long each time but you don't have to rush into DS too early either without resources and then miss out on damage. Gruul is a silly short fight and others are far less rushed to get your AD charge in. It's about finding the balance for each boss. I think that was my point! Hopefully it makes sense. 


Remember at least at this stage for you I think that everything should revolve around maximising DS. First read up on what you should do then plan ahead for it in combat and as you have just got it learn to use your 4 set to your advantage. If you want/need post some new logs (with Advanced Combat logging preferably) when you raid again and will see how you do now. Changing game play/breaking habits can take time for some people (myself definitely) but as long as you put the effort in you will see results so keep at it! 

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I am having some trouble knowing when to cast Soulfire(in caster or in meta and when i have which procs). I will soon get some good logs on Gruul since i only have bad ones atm and attach them to a new message. But for now i would like to get some tips on when to cast Soulfire in meta or just burn down to 500 DF with Touch of Chaos. Thanks in advance :D

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Hi Protect,


I'd say this is the most informative post on the subject of meta SFs.


Put very simply it's all about whether you have or will have the resources (800+ fury, 6-8 MC procs +/- CWs) for your next (20 second) DS burn. If so then anything beyond that (and reduce for a glyphed DS) needs to be used in the most efficient aka painful manner to avoid capping. Personally I find that if I have had to use ToC to avoid fury capping it usually means I have over spent SF stacks somewhere or perhaps the game hates me but it's pretty much always the former. You probably are at your level but as a side note are you aware that on an add fight that HoG will (usually) give you much more MC procs than CW?


I would also suggest do not go down to 500 fury but only burn a much smaller amount. ToC is really your last resort and you want to be on the lookout for something better.  


Caster SFs under 25% target HP and just before this to use up MC stacks.  Sometimes I will use caster SFs in a situation of high MC stacks to avoid capping with not enough fury. Or wanting a bit more fury say for a DS. This doesn't happen often but occasionally on something like Beastlord after a dump I will find myself here. Or Maidens (heroic level) I'm always swimming in MC procs as well. However, I do not know if this is the best course of action and I do wonder if I have done something wrong to end up here. Or perhaps it just how a farm multi-target fight and using Cata and CW in Meta instead of SFs and hence not using MC procs ends up. I am curious now. Again ideally for SFs you want to be looking for your best buffs. 


Good logs kind of defeats the purpose of getting them analysed! 


Edited as sometimes my way of expressing myself is very unclear!

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