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Hello folks,

after some hiatus, I decided to give this game a 2nd try. But I ran into a big problem - I just can't win. My win rate is maybe abour 20-35%. Bigger problem is - I can't tell what am I doing wrong. And I would appreciate some help.



I am sure I have bad decks. 


I try to have cards for each stage of the game (so I won't end up with hand full of 5+ crystal cards at the beginning), but often I end up with 5-7cards in hand that I can't play. Either they are too expensive for that round or are just not viable at that moment.


Thing is - I am a F2P player so I have only limited number of good cards. I tried to copy some of the cheap decks here on Icy Veins but I don't have at least half of those cards. And then maybe even if I built those decks I would lose since I would play them bad.


Maybe what I need is some article or webpage that explains cards, says which one is good, which is bad, what synergizes with what... because if I try to make my own deck, I feel good about it in Deck Manager, then I take it to Casual mode and lose 3 or 4 times in a row with it - feeling like my deck is pure BS.


EDIT: I like to play Priest, secondary Paladin. Here are my decks:

Priest deck

Paladin deck



As I mentioned before, I play for free. Maybe I am wrong, but it feels like at least 30% of my losses are because enemy has stronger cards. I lost to so many bad players, who obviously didn't know how to play those cards properly (even I could tell) and still they won just because no matter what I did, no matter what they did - their deck just steamrolled over my cheap cards.


Lately I feel that I can only win if I meet another f2p player or if my enemy is unlucky and draws bad cards for several rounds. In another words - I win only few games, but from all wins I feel like it is 10% skill, 90% lucky draws.



I'm a bad player

I am sure I do plenty of mistakes, but I can't tell. Yes, sometimes after I use card I realize what I did wrong and try to learn from it, but what about those 1000 other mistakes I did, but couldn't see (therefore I can't fix them)? Do you have any advice how to get better? Do you know about any good learning YT channel or something? Because just by playing, not seeing problems, I get only frustrated but not better at the game. Or maybe I should watch some streamers....?


And 2 more questions

Adventures - before I quit the first time, I opened 2 levels of Naxx adventure. This time I opened 1st level of BrM. As a f2p player it is hard to get those 700g for another level. For that gold I can get 7 packs of cards. What do you suggest - should I get all BrM cards? Or better to finish Naxx? Or should I just leave it and get as many card packs for 100g each, as I can? I don't wanna waste gold, but spend it efficiently.


Quests - which ones should I do? In current state of my win rate, it is nearly impossible to complete "win 5 games with class X or Y" quests. Also from time point of view - win 5 games for 60g (+10 for 3 wins) is ineffective compared to "win 2 games with class X or Y". If I win 5 games I get 70g, so I am getting 14g per win. If I complete "win 2 games" quest, I am getting 20g per win. But here on IV, I've read some article that said I should do "win 5" quests and change all "win 2" quests. So - which quest are the most effective ones? Which should I do?


Thx for reading and any help would be much appreciated.


PS: excuse my English, not a native language of mine unsure.png

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We can't really tell what is the problem, if you don't put your decklist here. If you say you don't have cards for even cheap decks, then I assume your deck is worse than most of budget options. This is quite enough to have bad results, basic decks can't compete with complete decks. Having good curve and the deck built correctly is not enough to have good win ratio if you simply lack cards.


As for expansions, considering you are a budget player, you should imho complete only first 4 wings of Naxx (many good cards used in different decks, including cheap ones) and 2 first wings of BRM (Grim Patron is used in extremely good and cheap Warrior builds, Imp Gang Boss is a great card for Zoo Warlock decks and Emperor Thaurissan is one of the best 6 drops in the game). You can pretty much ignore other wings for now and do it after having bigger collection.


I also suggest you to find yourself a cheap deck that doesn't require much stuff from Adventures (you have 2 wings of naxx and gold for 2nd wing of BRM so imho Zoo is the best option), because if you want to complete expansions, you need gold to save for wings and with such bad win ratio earning gold will be slow and irritating.

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Thx for reply :-)


I enjoy Priest the most (and don't really care if he is META or not, I'm not aiming for Legend or any really high rank) and lately found out Paladin is fun as well.


I found some kind of Deck Builder so I edited my 1st post and added 2 decks I would like to perfect. If you can have a look and tell me what can I do better, I would be grateful.

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Finish off naxx before getting the rest of BRM imo.  


Otherwise, keep playing.  Matchmaking should eventually sort you out, and then you can learn.  

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I'd take a look at the Trump's Teachings video serieshttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvEIxIeBRKSjprrvlbAcbVjzHsnH9PjDX, and of course especially the Priest video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3ToGRbruBk&index=7&list=PLvEIxIeBRKSjprrvlbAcbVjzHsnH9PjDX).


I looked at your current priest deck and it seems to lack any kind of focus, to be honest. There are lots of 1-offs which doesn't contribute to consistency. As a rule of thumb, if a card is good enough to include 1, then it is good enough to add a second of it. Worse, your deck contains a mix of very offensive cards and defensive cards which don't work well together as well as some sub-par cards. Generally, minions with 1 toughness (Wolf Rider, Leper Gnome, Elven archer) are to vulnerable to hero-powers and should only be played in very aggressive decks.

Other cards are sub par. Ancient Brewmaster for example has a battle cry that is a disadvantage rather than an advantage and has no exceptional stats to make up for it. Silence is a useful effect, but a full card slot is generally too much to be worth it. Mind Vision copies a card from your opponents hand but this may not be useful at all for you (What if you get Deadly poison from a rogue or Shield Slam from a warrior). These are cards to drop.


Regarding the quests: In terms of pure Gold per quest, the 2 wins for 40 offer more bucks for your time. If you find it hard enough to get two wins, then that's the quests to go for. The 60G ones are less efficient, but because you only get a single quest per day, these quests offer you the possibility to earn more in total so you can buy extra packs sooner. 


Hope this helps!

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Well, in ten years of playing Magic: The gathering and after month of playing Hearthstone, I've seen new gamers making the same mistakes over and over (when I started, I did the same).


What I want to point out to you are two rules to improve:


1. Try to choose a playstil, before building your deck (for example aggro, control or midrange). Then while building your deck, put only cards in there, which are fitting your choice. For example: while Slug Belcher is a great card, you will not need it in an agressive deck. Don't ever start to fill your deck with the best (or rarest) cards you got, without thinking about your deck-strategy.


2. always think about the main-ressources in a Hearthstone-game: Mana, cards on your hand and cards on the battlefield.

For example: if you play a "Novice Engineer" you get a 1/1 creature for 2 Mana (this is pretty bad, since this creature won't do anything and die to everything) BUT you may draw a card, which sounds great. In fact you played a card from your hand for 2 mana to get a 1/1 and your hand-card back. So its -1 + 1 = 0. So by using your Paladin-hero-power you will get the same effect: getting a 1/1 for 2 mana, while not loosing a card from your hand.

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Hey there MatejSK! The advice these fine gentlemen gave you is surely probably the best way to improve on your own, but I would like to offer you even more help in getting better at the game.

You see, I am part of a community called "The Chaos Vanguard", and we have been recently open to Hearthstone players aside from players from many other games, such as Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3 and many more. So what I would like to offer to you is to take a few minutes to check us out. If you decide to join us, we have a lot of new players you can practice against and share experience, as well as a lot of experienced players who are willing to share their knowledge with others. I am willing to help you build your deck, as well as help you grind out a solid collection. I am an ex-legend player (it doesn't really mean much ^^) who managed to get all of his cards completely free-to-play, and I am very willing to help you do the same, as are many others within my community.

The only things we require of you is an age of above 16 years, a working microphone and Teamspeak 3.

If you'd be interested in joining us, please visit our website at forums.thechaosvanguard.co.uk or just join our Teamspeak directly at ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk.

If this doesn't interest you, then I wish you the best of luck in finding friends to teach you and play against you. :)

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now i am no pro myself(max rank i ever got was rank 5)but as a fellow f2p player here's my two cents:


first of all,you need to decide what class to play.yes,having a grasp of how every class works,their common decks etc is also important,but you can just dabble around with them in casual for that.until you play the game for quite a while,it will be hard to get to be able to build viable decks for more than one class(i have played since last august,and even now i can't afford all the decks that i would like,as i need to earn them the hard way by dusting cards or getting lucky occasionally by getting legendaries in packs).just pick one,and try to build a cheap deck for it(aggro decks are preferable,since you earn gold faster and they are cheaper.later on you can choose to play with other types of decks,when you do have cards for them).you can find a bunch of decks like this(and guidelines on how to use them) on this very website,written by Sottle.the adventure modes are useful,but i would leave them be until you put together an otherwise decent collection of cards.



second of all,once you do have a grasp of the game(getting to maybe rank 12 should be suficient) you can start to play arena.arena is a great place to earn gold and card packs if you know what you're doing.after a time,you will notice that you get enough gold from it to just rebuy an entry with your last run's reward.keep in mind however,that arena's gameplay is very different from ladder(you need to value efficient trading over damage to hero's a lot more often,cards are generally worse,etc).playing arena well is another surefire way to build a good deck.



finally,once you have enough experience and cards,just pick a better deck,from any class you like.play with it a lot and learn what works and what doesn't against each class.in time you will just become better and better and those low win rate numbers will be a thing of the past.



sorry if i'm not helping any more,but it's tough to help without actually watching you play.

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Some really good advice there that I will summarise and add a bit to:


1. Pick a class or two and stick with (it sounds like you have done this)

2. Pick a play style (face, aggro, tempo, control) and stick with that too. This helps focus your card crafting, your play and your deckbuilding

3. Deck building - that deck you posted is a bit of all that hearthsotne has to offer. Decks need to be really focussed on the playstyle. Once you chose a style, read a lot of decks that have that style - doesn't matter if you dont have all the cards - get the ideas and the synergies and work towards the cards (and use what you have for now). Most of sottle's decks have some suggestions as to what to use if you dont have legendaries - a lot of the decks on hearthpwn do this as well

4. Play ranked not casual. Casual is full of people with megadecks getting their 500 wins for golden hero as fast as they can. its super tough and the bottom of ranked is a lot easier

5. Play arena a bit - if you have limited cards its fun to see more cards

6. <contraversial> break down cards you will never use to get cards that suit your playstyle/ class choices. works best when you know you will never play eg druid - you can burn all the blues/ purples for that class an get better cards for eg priest mcuh quicker. Sucks if you chnage your mind, though,

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Zinfandel is right, except for his 4th point...


You should play casual, not ranked (right now).  RANKED is full of megadecks and people grinding to 500 wins (casual wins don't count towards this total).  In casual the matchmaking system adjusts really fast based on your wins and losses, so you should be matched against people in your play level within 10ish games.

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