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Holy Paladin 6.2 Prep

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So I've been looking at some things and have a few questions for advice. Using a stat priority of int>crit>mastery>haste>multi>versa. Noticed some changes (holy shock cost increased by 50%), and taking into account the holy paladin trinket (using holy shock increases the effectiveness of the next holy light/flash of light by x%) and the tier bonuses (increases healing on beacon targets, increases haste stacking when healing beacon targets), I'm considering rolling merciful wrath glyph with sanctified wrath talent to get the most usage of my holy shock. However, does this mean haste has to go down in my priority? More holy shocks = more mana used, and haste makes that even more apparent. Should multi go above haste to try to make up for the haste loss, or should I keep the same priority and just stack more spirit?

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Dont have mana problems at all with 1 proc-spirit trinket and other from oregoer (int+crit proc). So even with cost +50% on shock it wont be a problem, couse you will have higher itmlvl -> higher mp5 regen.


About stats - as i know most paladins have 20crit/20haste/20mastery. And prio is crit>haste>multi>mastery>versa, couse we dont have mana problems and haste give same hps buff as crit (a bit lower). Also we cast Holy Light often, and it's mana efficient spell with 2.5 sec cast - haste buff it hps, but we wont have manaproblems.


So stats probably will be like 30%crit/30%haste//30multi. Couse multi stack very well with crit.


Glyphs and talants - depends on your gear, raid setup, how fast boss dies and encounter, So there is no "best" or "ideal" choice.

For some fights you want AW with 3 min cd, for other - 1.5 min. For one fights better DP, for other MW.

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While useful for this patch, I'm more of looking forward. I have mastery as 2nd and my numbers improve because of it (illuminated healing is always either 1st or 2nd on my charts). I use the goren soul repository and ironspike chewtoy so I have no mana problems in heroic (though M Ore is giving me a bit of a rough time mana-wise). Higher item level doesn't really directly effect mana regen but for a tad bit more spirit (ima use the pally-specific and on-use crit trinkets likely). Given the improvements on holy shock by the trinket, I see no situations in which DP would be better than MW/SW as more holy shocks = more empowered holy lights = more healing, and is much, MUCH less sporatic (one pull might have DP at 15%, another at 45%).

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For T18 SW will be better, i agree. For T17 it's depends on fight, longer fight - better DP(with 4T17).


About stat priorities:


http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/best-in-slot/generic/paladinholy(press "Edit weight" button).


Mastery is good, but not best for hps. Main idea is - crit heal will give you higher mastery shield and buff your heal itself. Also mastery wont transfer to your beacons (and they 1st in hps for 80% of fights). And one more - i dont know what fights will be in 6.2, but there is fights where lot of your absorbs will fall off before dmg will hit ppl.


And last thing - math, basicly you will recive lesser hps buff from 100 raiting(not %) of mastery than from 100 rating of crit/haste/multistrike. And couse crit/haste also buff other our spells:

HS x2crit

Proc from crit for faster/stronger HL/FL

HS CD from haste

More HS - more HoPo - more EF

With high haste - more casts of HL/FL - more procs for shock without cd

With high haste - more ticks from EF


Its kinda obvious what better. And multistrike work very well with your high crit value and 100 multi rating will give you same as 100 crit raiting in terms of HPS if you will castt 100FlashOfLights for example. I dont know how to tell this, but crit better than multi for us only couse of x2crit chance of HS and proc from it - without this 2 procs, 100 crit = 100 multi(raiting, not %).


Last thing - want shields - play DCpriest))) They much better than us in terms of dmg mitigation.

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