Two macros, both alike in dignity

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Except that one works, and the other one doesn't.


Polymorph Macro (Works):

#show Polymorph
/clearfocus [modifier:alt]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]; [target=focus,dead]
/clearfocus [target=focus,help]
/castrandom [target=focus,exists,harm] Polymorph(Turtle), Polymorph; Polymorph(Pig), Polymorph



Counterspell Macro (Doesn't)

#show Counterspell
/clearfocus [modifier:alt]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]; [target=focus,dead]
/clearfocus [target=focus,help]
/cast [target=focus,exists,harm] Counterspell, Counterspell



Side by side comparison here; it's a bit wide, so I didn't want to embed the image.
I don’t see a bit of difference in the parlance, if you discount therandom bit of the polymorph macro, and that shit’s only there because I want pigs and turtles.
I have been using these macros since BC, and come WOD the counterspell one is like lolnope. I’ve taken to having to switch targets each time I need to counterspell, and that annoys me. I know that there are other macros posted on the mage page, but I want to know.... Does anybody have a clue why the counterspell macro is not working??

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Theres a difference between castrandom and cast



/castrandom spell, spell


You separate the list of spells with a comma "," and castrandom will select one for you.



/cast [conditions]spell ; spell





if the first condition is not met, it moves to the section after the semicolon.



Correct syntax:

/cast [target=focus,exists,harm] Counterspell; Counterspell
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Oh sweet Light. Removing the second iteration of counterspell worked. Thank you.


I'd swear that I haven't changed the macros since I made them in bc. Did the way that macros are processed changed?


I did switch factions. It's entirely possible that I had to recreate them, but you'd think I'd remember having to do that.

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