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Hello, fellow monks. Let me start from the beginning, I started healing with my monk character during Pandaria, specially during SoO and this forum helped out a lot.

I was having some personal issues in RL, so I didn't had much raid experiencie in WoD until now.

So, my big problem right now is that some friends asked me to raid with them, and they are raiding HC content. I didn't even have LFR xp to talk about, so you guys can imagine my trouble, jumping content to HC.

To sum things up, besides my mechanics issues, I'm finding healing with my monk now way different than it was before, during MoP. No instant heals, soothing don't proc Chi anymore and so on. And I need all pieces of advice that you can spare.

I am reading and watching every source of info that I can get so far, but I feel that I am still doing a lot less than I could. Of course, I am also slightly undergeared. And as I said, I still die a lot in stupid ways.

So, here's my char and a few logs on Mr Robot.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english, I am no native speaker.



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First off, until you get really comfortable with your mana regen, I recommend taking Chi Torpedo instead of Rushing Jade Wind.  CT is free whereas RJW costs 1/6th of your mana each use, and you have to be extremely careful with it at lower spirit levels.


Some general good things to do:

  • Keep Renewing Mists up on people, but don't deplete your Pool of Mists charges too fast.
  • Use Uplift as damage happens, it does have a cast time now, so you can begin the cast and time it so that it hits just after the damage goes out.
  • Channel Soothing Mists as a filler
  • Surging Mists is instant while channeling Soothing Mists, and can be used to spot heal.


I am going to ask you to re-upload the log to warcraftlogs, as WCL is much easier to read than AMR (and I'm more comfortable with WCL's GUI than I am with AMR's).  A good guide to read is Monkioh's MW guide on summonstone.  

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Ok, let's go:

1) Actually, I got a little frightened with this new Mana Tea scaling with spirit, so I got some spirit itens and, so far, mana is not a big concern. Even in Oregorger, that I used a lot of RJW I had no mana issues. I had to use Mana Tea a couple of times, but no big deal.

2) I am kind of spamming ReM, so I always have Chi avaiable. Not sure if it's the right thing to do, though.

3) Uplift: Yeah, I am trying, but I admit I miss instant cast a lot. xD I used to cast it on the move, which is not avaiable anymore. About the timing, I started doing that, a little bit. Will try to focus on that.

4) Soothing: I guess this is my greatest issue. I spend my GCDs spamming ReM and Uplift, or RJW. So i find little or no time to use it. I only use it when I need to top someone (so my Surging Mist gets instant). I find no room to "fill". That's driving me crazy.


5) Surging: Yeah, this is the only point that I think that I am doing good. lol.

6) Can I re-uplod logs from AMR to WCL? Anyway, this week I'll try to upload the logs to WCL myself, since the uploader is a guildmate.


Thanks a lot, I'll surely will need lots of help, I guess. xD

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Ok, sorry this took me a bit to get back to you, had other thing get in the way.


1) Mana Tea got quite the overhaul, so yeah, getting some spirit items really helps with it's regen.

2) Chi Brew is very useful for getting an extra 2 Chi on-demand, however, it is off the GCD and can be cast while in the middle of casting something else, so make sure that you don't have 3 or more Chi when you use it.

3) It'll take a bit of practice and learning the encounter, so don't be too worried about it yet.  You'll learn when the parts of fights where you want to be pumping out Uplifts vs channeling Soothing Mists.

4) On some fights, you'll spend a decent amount of time channeling Soothing Mists.  On others, you won't, simply because of the amount of AoE damage going out.  Kromog and Blast Furnace are examples of the second situation and Beastlord and Flamebender are examples of the first.

5) That's good, though you don't want to be doing that too often, as Surging Mists is decently mana expensive when spammed.

6) You can re-upload them only if you are the person who logged them (as the log file is a .txt file on your comp).  If you do log the raids, then you simply get the WCL client and find the log folder (it might be in an archive folder from AMR) and choose the one you want to upload.  If you don't already do your own logs, then I suggest you read Krazyito's WCL how-to.


Another thing that might be useful to know is that you can switch to crane stance and do somewhat decent dps while also doing a decent amount of hps.  Fistweaving (as this is called) is mana positive (you gain more mana than you spend doing it) and you can end up with a large amount of mana tea stack quickly.  You'll want to do this during low incoming damage peroids of fights (most of Hans/Franz, Flamebender (switch to serpent stance and start using Renewing Mists a little bit before Firestorm though to pump out AoE heals), Beastlord, and Oregorger (switch to serpent stance during the rolling phase since you can't do much when he's rolling) are all bosses where fistweaving is common).

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Hello again.

So, this week I did way better.

I died less.

Messed up less also.

Still, there is room to improve. A lot.

So, here are my logs for today. Hope you can help me out.

ps: Beastlord sucked. I tried fistweaving and it was a mess. Will come back to fistweave after I'm more confident in mistweave.




Thanks in advance.

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Ok, this I can work with.


  • This is a graph of when you used Chi Burst and RJW vs when damage went out.  The green double lines are Inferno Slice, the purple lines are RJW, and yellow is Chi Burst.  You should try to time your casts such that you use RJW on each Slice that your group takes, and Chi Burst on each Slice that the other group takes.


  • You should tell your RL that there's an easier way to position people for the healers.  The melee group stays where it is, the tank are right in front, and the ranged+healers are off to the back left (facing kromog).  Picture below (my MSPaint skillz are leet, lol).
  • Ax9PEQJ.png

  • This will allow you to use RJW to it's full advantage, which is spamming the hell out of it during breaths and for slam.  
  • Comparison between your log and one of mine.  (Yeah, my group had a lot more people than your did, so revival did a lot more healing).
  • You can tell that RJW does a significant amount of healing on this fight, and that using it during stone breath and slam does a lot of healing.

Some general fistweaving guidelines:

  • Try to keep 100% uptimes on Tiger Palm buff, Blackout Kick Buff, and Rising Sun Kick Debuff (this shouldn't be hard, as with PoM giving you 3 charges of RSK, you will use this as a chi dump when you don't need either of the two other buffs refreshed).
  • Generate Chi with jab, and use Chi Brew for burst Chi
  • Use Surging Mists (Glyphed, ofc) at 5 stacks of Vital Mists (gained by consuming Chi)
  • Make 100000000% sure your statue is down.
  • Use Thunder Focus Tea to buff Surging Mists (make sure not to cap chi with the 4pc), you can use it in advance to get the 1 or 2 chi (with the 4pc) in order to get more vital mists stacks for the buffed surging mists.

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