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Resto shaman logs

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Well, if this is your log and I'm not mistaking, how it comes that in almost 10 min fight you didn't use your CDs (HTT and Ascendance) even once? Resto shaman raid CDs make 40-60% of our overall HPS so how comes?

Same with the Healing Stream Totem - you should drop it on CD so for 580 sec fight it should be 19 casts while you have only 11 - very low.

More than that, HST did only 19% overheal in this fight, while the Chain Heal more than 70% - you must use HST on CD.

Same with Healing rain. You have 7 melee so should cast it on CD - much more useful than Chain Heal or Healing Surge here.


If you have your guild raid logs, I'm happy to help and to look into your raid healing in general -)

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I changed enchants, gems and some items. Now I have 84% mastery, 11.71% haste and 8.59% crit with 8.44% multi (It's mastery>haste>crit=multi, LoL!). Armory was updated.
Yes, this is my log. I made HST-"aura" in TMW-addon. I need to do the same with Healing rain buff.
I use CDs in very-very-very bad situations, when simple heal is not enough. Maybe, its a big and fatal error, and I must use them as soon and as fast as it is possible. But, I'm afraid, that when raid goes to die, there are no CDs, that can help... And every CDs will be on cd %) Is there any priorities, what I must use first: HTT or Ascendance?
And what about unleash life? Should I use it on CD or due to the fact that it has gcd, a can forget about it?
And what about Totemic Recall? Taking into account that I can see the last millisecond of Water Totem, it may be useful? Or I am just lose GCD?
I show to you my logs after our evening-raid, today... tonight)

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Well, in my opinion not using CDs would make a mistake for the resto shaman. 

Our raid healing CDs have a double utility -  keeping the raid alive in times of high damage and mana management.


Not using CDs as a part of your healing rotation brings different consequences: 

- you burn your mana heavily in the times of high damage instead of healing for the same or greater amount of HP without spending mana at all, so you have to keep more Spirit on your gear instead of throughput stats; 

- you put more weight on your fellow healers not doing your part properly and they have to burn more mana than needed; 

- you put the raiders in danger of accidental death when they are low of HP.


We should always remember that every raid CD would renew after 2-3 minutes - not using a CD does not make it stronger for the next time, does not save your mana nor improves your healing. You just loose the potential healing that could be done.


Regarding the idea of saving CDs for unexpected deadly damage:

I would insist that in WoD, if your raid executes fight mechanics properly, there is no danger of deadly damage that will kill the raid in a couple of ticks. At least not on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

The 'New healing approach' of Blizz changed the damage patterns in WoD from a bunch of deadly blows to a constant low to moderate damage during all the fight with some high spikes.

When learning the fight, you learn the timings of damage spikes and this is the exact time for using your CDs. No need and no reason to wait for something else and even more - not using CDs in the right times put the raid into a danger.

For example, the raid takes damage from Tantrum on Darmak - everyone is pretty low but you are saving HTT for something unexpected. Next Pin Down kills two people because instead of being on 90% HP after your CD healing, they were on 30% while you were working hard on topping the raid manually. Or, let's take Phase 1 on Blackhand. Your raid is taking damage from Demolition, everyone is on 30-60% HP, you continue to 'save' CDs and 4 people are dead from the Transition damage just because they were too low and 30% HP blow just brought them to 0.

I know that there are enough 'saving CDs' healers. In my opinion this is a wrong approach - eliminating CDs from your rotation doesn't add anything but put you raiders into the danger of accidental death from pretty low damage and pull additional weight on your fellow healers.

The right approach is to plan CDs in advance for specific mechanics in every fight or to use them as a mana conservation abilities if the damage during the fight does not have spikes.


Regarding of what to use first - HTT or Ascendance. The general idea would be like this: use HTT in times of heavy raid movement or when you want to sit and channel a mana potion. Use Ascendance when not all the raid is affected by damage but those who affected are pretty low. Use Ascendance+Spiritwalker's Grace for healing heavy damage on move. Use Spirit Link Totem for damage mitigation + HP redistribution. For example, on Gruul you can use SLT on the first Strike, Ascendance on the second, HTT on the third ( because the second team would be already a bit low too), SLT on the 4th. On Flamebender you can use HTT+SLT for the first Firestorm and Asc+SLT for the second. And so on. Shaman CDs could be easily planned for every fight.

In terms of healing done, HTT is stronger than Ascendance.


Unleash Life: you can use it as a speed buff or on CD as a buff for your Healing Surge or Chain Heal but it's pretty minor healing if you are not taking Unleashed Fury talent (and I believe that you don't).


BTW, you can look into the idea of moving to WeakAuras instead of TMW. WA is much more flexible and we have loads of ready shaman auras in this thread and explanation how to use WA here.

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