ilvl 666 Arcane mage needing help with dps!

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I am getting 15-17k on some fights but I would like a consistant 20-25k. I am doing a rotation but it still isn't getting me there.




Oregorger Log:




I feel like I am not contributing enough to my guild.

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After watching your logs I would recommend you to watch this awesome guide:


Because given the many errors you did in both gruul in ogogog i get the feeling that you did

not realy understand the icy veins priority guide you posted and lack in knowledge about the concept of arcane dps.


I will give you a few pointers though:


- It's called pre potting for a reason wink.png

You want to use your first pot 2 sec pre pull, and immediatly cast arcane blast.

Then you can use another pot infight. You should use it around your third prismatic crystal(thats whenn arcane power and trickets align again)


- Do not open with prismatic crystal and arcane power, go for 4 arcane stacks, then plant the crystal

- Deplete as many arcane missiles as you can without manacapping during arcane power, use them also on crystal.


- You did not use evocation in your gruul fight

- You did not use Presence of Mind, but that might be due do to warcraftlogs not counting at as a cast but a buff and I overlooked it


Do you actually buff at pull?


All in all you seem to have a lot of holes and as I said at the top, I would strongly recommend you to watch the guide,

beat up some training dummies and give us another log afterwards.

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I did pre-pot when I did HM heroic and normal but forgot that when starting BRF. Usually I use 2 prismatic crystals in a fight at most. I did buff when I put down my prismatic crystal at the pull. I didnt use my evocation because I kept getting the Petrify debuff and didn't have enough time to burn my mana to about 20%. I never use presence of mind though, not sure if it is completely nescessary. Thanks for the tips and critisism! I will watch the guide and change my rotation to suit it.

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