[EU-Burning Legion][H] <Disclosure> RDPS&Healers (POLISH only)

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Disclosure is Polish Guild @ Burning Legion EU (HORDE side).


We love World of Warcraft and enjoy killing internet dragons biggrin.png We have 3 raids per week: Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday – start at 7.30 PM, end at 10.30 PM (server time). BTW we don’t have to pug for our events wink.png


We do a lot of miscellaneous stuff – pvp, alt/achiev runs (usually Wed/Sat), old content, rep grind – you do find companionship for your activities. We even play Heroes of the Storm biggrin.png (all Warcraft team = EPIC!)


We are looking for players who like to spend some time within Guild beside raids. We need outstanding RANGE damage dealers (preferably Bala Druid and Mage) and HEALERS (Resto Druid/Resto Shaman/MW Monk).


If you deeply know your class and can learn from mistakes OR you don’t raid but want to socialize with really awesome people – JOIN US biggrin.png If you need more info (in Polish wink.png) check our website – disclosure.shivtr.com If you have any questions or doubts – CONTACT US in game (Salayne/Fatoch).

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    • By TheSwampLord
      Days, Times and Timezone: 
      Tuesday and Thursday 8:00PM-11:00PM CST
      5/11 Mythic
      Recruitment Contacts:
      Battle.net: TheSwampLord#1636 
      Discord: Swampy#0001
      Looking for warm bodies! If you believe you are a skilled raider, all spots on the team are competitive and strong, competent players will be brought onto the team regardless of spec/class etc.
    • By filthsilvermoon
          3/11 M Antorus (ABT)
      FiLTHYs most wanted:
      2x Balance Druid
      2x Warlock
      1x Spriest
      1x Frost DK 1x Mistweaver

      FiLTH, a friendly progressive guild looking for more skilled players.

      FiLTHY Raid team:
      - Push Mythic progress
      - 3 raids a week, 3 hours each (Extra raid night during opening month of new raid content)
      - Must complete M+ 15 each week
      - 72 minimum traits
      - 940+ ilvl
      Raids are: (Monday extra night) Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8:45PM - 11:45PM Server time (+1 GMT)

      What WE can offer YOU:
      - Great and friendly community
      - Always people around to join in your keys
      - Teamspeak 3 and Discord server
      - M+ guild groups 15 and above
      - Raid Logs after every raid
      - Website forums
      - Raid livestreams
      - Guild Whatsapp groups
      - Special event nights
      - Alt raids

      FiLTH is a fun place to be and most who join call it their home and family. It’s been a competitive raiding environment for over 6 years and has a strong and experienced core.
      Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/silvermoon/FiLTH

      APPLY AT: http://filth.guildlaunch.com/
      Reply to this thread
      Message me on Marvynn#21579 or MrRoboto#2229 or Fozzy#2286.
    • By Nevaera
      Hello there!

      <Shadow> on Argent Dawn has been going since 2009. We are a close-knit community and strongly believe in recruiting people who will fit in with us rather than just whoever is topping the meters. We also believe that having a busy RL life with job/family/social commitments and committing to Mythic raiding as a hobby we're all passionate about are not mutually exclusive. We are looking to bolster our line-up to push for Cutting Edge in Antorus.

      About us
      We progress raid Thursdays and Sundays, 20:00-23:00 and 19:30-22:30 respectively (all times server time)
      We have a non-mandatory farm raid Fridays at 20:30 that socials and alts are welcome to
      We use Discord for voice communication and have an active server to hang out, chat, and organise M+ runs
      We maintain a mature environment - having a laugh is great, but bullying, endless meme-spamming and the like are not welcome
      We believe in learning from your mistakes - you will never be yelled at, but you will be asked whether you know what you did wrong and how you can fix it

      What we expect from recruits
      Sign up to raids ahead of time and give us a heads-up in case of longer absences
      Be there 15 minutes before raid start and bring your own consumables as back-up to feasts and cauldrons
      Do your homework - research encounters thoroughly and understand them
      Understand and know how to play your class
      Have Discord installed and a working microphone, ready to speak when required but without cluttering up comms with chatter
      You don't need to grind to the point of burn-out, but keep up with AP traits and do M+ to hone your skills and supplement your gear
      Be a team player and bring a positive attitude. Wipes happen in Mythic. Constructive feedback is great, backseat raid leading is not.

      What we are currently looking for

      A rule that applies to all potential recruits is: We do not recruit for the bench, but we will always take the team that is most likely to defeat the boss and cannot promise everyone they will always be in for every fight. When things are equal in terms of performance and required composition, we much prefer to rotate people in and out over benching someone for an entire night.
      One Healer - Paladin preferred, but any class that isn't priest will be considered
      One Tank - Bear, Brewmaster or Blood DK
      Melee DPS - got one spot for a Rogue
      Ranged DPS - Boomkins, Shadow Priests, Warlocks and Hunters

      If this sounds like the guild for you, check us out at shadow-wow.enjin.com or contact the Co-GMs Alec#2922 and NevNev#2669 for more info!

      See you in Antorus!
    • By havwek
      Gildia IX Kohorta - Polska Gildia Dojrzałych Graczy

      Jeżeli czytasz ten temat, to znaczy, że rozważasz złożenie podania do IX Kohorty.
      IX Kohorta to nie tylko gildia, to szeroko rozumiana społeczność, która umożliwia każdemu graczowi rozwój w dwóch aspektach: w grze i poza grą, gildia z 9letnią tradycja.
      W grze – dla każdego gracza który chce realizować własne cele, jednocześnie dbając o rozwój gildii ingame, jej dobre imię i pozycję na serwerze.
      Poza grą – dla wszystkich, którzy lubią włączyć się w życie grupy, chcą czynnie zabierać głos na forum lub wspomagać naszą społeczność, angażując się w prace na jej rzecz takie jak: strona LINK Dicord, czy też chcą brać udział w spotkaniach graczy i organizowanych co pół roku zjazdach IX Kohorty.

      Nasze wymagania:

      1. Wiek: 20+ lat.
      2. Zapał do gry i dobry humor.
      3. Wysoki poziom kultury osobistej.
      4. Na forum rejestrujesz się pod nickiem z gry.
      5. Nick nie może być wulgarny, oraz nie może budzić większych kontrowersji. Nicki typu: xXxAdamxXx, Twój Stary, MietekPL, Nimfomanka, bR4Wo itp. nie będą akceptowane.
      6. Codzienna obecność na Discordzie jest zalecana. Jesteś on-line wejdź na Discorda. 90% życia każdej sekcji toczy się na komunikatorze głosowym.
      7. Społeczność IX Kohorty stanowią ludzie ceniący dobrą zabawę w sympatycznym gronie, nie ma podziału na lepszych i gorszych, a co za tym idzie, nie ma tu miejsca dla nietolerancji, dyskryminacji i chamstwa.
      8.Gramy na Burning Legion

      Jeśli nadal chcesz złożyć swoje podanie, złap nas na naszym Discordzie: LINK , lub złap naszych oficerów w grze :
      Hvwek /Lestatowy/Rivaniaa /Furviria /Zenali /Gerdhard /Kefcio 
    • By wavejenkins
      We are Lore
      a fairly new raiding guild founded midway through WOD, we pride ourselves in our small size as each of our members is treated like family and friends, run by 5 close officers each with own responsibility and willing to give up there time for the guild, because of this we went from barely clearing WOD raids to clearing all content in normal and HC, because of this we have had to expand and now wish to find new members to join our guild and will be pushing to progress onto HC TOS after next week, we are looking for active, social, dedicated raid members and guild members who wish to have a fun and enjoyable time while doing it, as there is no point in doing something if your not having fun, we accept all from hardcore mythic raiders who dont have the time to keep up with the current mythic schedule to new raiders who haven't stepped foot into an organised raid, we train all and realize everyone is different, if this sounds like the guild for you please  dont hesitate to contact any member of lore to ask for information or add me on battle.net wavejenkins@googlemail.com, look forward to hearing from some of you and good luck in your searches 
      1st officer of lore