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[US-Whisperwind] [A] <Faulty> BRF: 9/10 H, dps and healers

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Faulty - Because Perfection is half way to crazy!


We are a casual guild that focuses mostly on raiding, but we also enjoy the social aspect of the game as well.


Just as we were about 6% away from 10/10H when we had several raid members take time away for various personal reasons thus opening slots for immediate raid positions. Because of our reduced number of raiding members (now down to 11), we are once again looking for folks whom will be able to commit to a 2 night raiding schedule (outlined below). We will be doing Heroic mode HFC to continue our progression.


With regards to our progression group, we are looking for:


Two healers (preferably)

- Shaman (with a viable DPS OS)

- Monk (with DPS or Tank OS)

- other healers may be considered


Three - Four DPS (preferably)

- Warlock

- Rogue

- Shaman

- Monk


We could make room for a MS tank but a viable OS would be awesome.


As always, exceptional applicants (for a class/role not listed above) will also be considered as well.


What we're looking for in the progression group:

-Consistent attendance

-Understanding the current progression fight for your role(s) at least 1-2 bosses ahead. (This is usually pretty apparent if you haven't).

-Good communication skills in game and out (reading/posting in the Guild forums is greatly encouraged and where a lot of conversations out of the game happen when not in Vent).

-A good grasp of how to play your class (we aren't looking for professional players, but we aren't going to hold the hands of our raiders or members to achieve the DPS/Healing potential of your class based on your iLevel. Basically be in line with DPS/Heals of the guild through the encounter. We understand some classes will excel better than others on different fights).

-Understanding of raiding and boss mechanics (i.e. when to use a personal CD or be raid aware and not stand in something).

-If you are a hybrid class, we hope that you can play an Off-spec role and not fail horribly, but this is not entirely expected.

-Ventrilo and preferably with a working microphone (in case of emergencies).


What you'll get from us:

-Consistent raids (after getting the roster back up).

-A chance at the loot that drops (we do not DKP of any type). We use an open roll system with an additional requirement of the "don't be a jerk rule". In short, if you already won an item from an earlier boss we expect you to pass on the next rolls. If no one can use/want the item for Main Spec, then off-spec will roll and if still no interest, then it is an open roll for eligible classes, then a shard to the GB. Truth is we have several folks that say no give that piece to so and so cause it's a bigger upgrade for them).

-Enchants, Gems, Flasks, Feasts and repairs (Gems and Enchants on current tier items).

-Usually a fun and light atmosphere. (We love to joke and around and we know how to have a good time)

-Mature atmosphere (The Guild varies in age with our youngest in their early 20's up to myself -who witnessed the Big Bang). Most members have careers and families -but we're not a "family guild" so there will be adult conversations).


Raid Times:

Tuesday - 8:30pm to 11:30pm (CST/Server time)

Thursday - 8:30pm to 11:30pm (CST/Server time)

on occasion - Monday - 8:30pm to 11:30pm (CST/Server time) - Typically this will be a "one more shot" at a progression boss or a clean up run to finish the instance. This is NOT a mandatory night.


If you are interested, please visit our website: or contact Cuziwantit (Cuziwantit#1152), Shae (Shae#1351) or Tekket (Tekket#1924) in game to address any questions as they may relate to Faulty.



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