Lead Game Producer Kaeo Milker Tells Us What Will Come Next

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Learn what is coming next in Heroes of the Storm from Kendric's interview with Kaeo Milker, Lead Game Producer!

Last weekend, I had the chance to interview Kaeo Milker, Lead Game Producer for Heroes of the Storm. We discussed the new Eternal Conflict update, how new content is going to be introduced in general, potential cross-promotion with other Blizzard releases, such as StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void or Overwatch, and also addressed some of the concerns within the community, such as performance issues or improvements on the current reconnect system.

Below, you can find the video of the interview itself, as well as a few excerpts underneath.


Blizzard Icon Excerpts from the Video Interview with Kaeo Milker

Q. With Eternal Conflict you are introducing a new category of quests, the so-called Event Quests. Can we expect more of these Event Quests in the future? 
A. Event Quests are a new category of quests which come in addition to your Daily Quests. They will not interrupt your current flow of quests and are supposed to provide players with an additional income of ingame currency. We thought hunting a Tresure Goblin would be a good first step to introduce this new feature, as it really fits into the whole Diablo world that we wanted to create in the Eternal Conflict Event.
We are going to keep an eye on how the players will react to this new feature and we are definitely looking forward to getting everyone's feedback on something that is completely new and out of the norm. 
Q. Eternal Conflict is all about Diablo and the war between Angels and Demons. Can we expect cross-promotion events for other Blizzard releases, such as StarCraft II's upcoming expansion Legacy Of The Void, as well?
A. Definitely. Battlefield of Eternity was announced last year at BlizzCon and we decided to go with the Diablo franchise first, because a lot of our team members, that are currently working on Heroes of the Storm, had also been working on StarCraft or WarCraft III before. So Diablo was that really dark place that we still had left to explore, since we have not really had the chance to work on it yet. This allowed us to bring our own new interpretation of the Diablo world into Heroes of the Storm.
StarCraft, too, is absolutely on our agenda. Most of our team members have already worked on StarCraft and StarCraft II and we have put a significant portion of time into those games, which is why we would love to bring that world to Heroes of the Storm eventually.

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