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6.2 resto shaman needs help

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Hello i am a resto Shaman and i need help.

I dont know what i am doing wrong but i dont get the max out of my healing.

can someone explain what i am doing wrong.

i know Shamans do a lot of overhealing but that shouldnt be that high


Armory Link:










please help me out.

Maybe some good ideas for healing add ons.

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I went a bit through your logs and some stuff immediately stood out for me.


1. Your HST uptime is extremely low. It should be dropped on CD (every 30 sec.), never only once a minute.


2. Your main CDs usage (HTT and Ascendance) are pretty low. You definitely could use them more, especially Ascendance. Saving big CDs for some accidental damage that most of times never happens doesn't help. If your HTT is assigned by RL - nothing to do here, but RLs normally don't assign Ascendance and you never used it more then once during a fight.


3. Your Elemental Blast usage is extremely low. This is not only Spirit buff but also a buff to your secondary stats that you are losing. On your Kormrok fight I even can't figure out what talent did you use: there is no EB casts, no Elemantal buff and no UF used. It is a big overall loss.


I see that you run pretty low on mana, but still hardly cast EB. 3-8 times during a fight is nothing.


I think that they are the initial problems that you should fix.


Regarding the addons:


I would highly recommend VuhDo as a healing addon. Here is its configuration from scratch.


I would recommend WeakAuras for tracking your CDs - you definitely should track them ^^

Here's its basic configuration guide, and here's the auras for resto shamans that you can use.


This is a screenshot of my raid UI with VuhDo (in the middle) and Weakauras. Iskar assist and CD tracker from the right side are not relevant for you :)



Hope it helps :)

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I msg'd Pandacho a question regarding the raid fight summary thats on the left side of his ui. Would anyone know which addon he/she might be using. I would like to use it for RL purposes. Thank you

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