MultiSpec MM/BM, Weapon & Enchant Choice

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Hi there,


I have got a 705 Shredirons Shredder (197 crit, 240 ms) with crit enchant for my MM spec. 

Im wondering how to determine the best weapon choice given that i can use the same gun with the "wrong" enchant for BM or use a lower lvl gun with different stats but the right (mastery) enchant.

Other available weapons are a 695 Baleful Rifle of the Peerless (169 crit, 225 mastery) and a 690 Felfire Muntions Launcher.


Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.



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For all three specs, the highest ilvl weapon is better.  The crit scope isn't "bad" per-say for BM, but you will do better with the mastery one, however, switching to a lower ilvl weapon would lower your dps more than using the crit scope would.  If you constantly switch specs, then the multi-strike scope is the "best" compromise if you don't want to switch scopes each time you switch specs.


The difference between scopes for BM is ~100 dps between the Mastery and Crit scope in the t18H profile.

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Thanks, I wasnt sure if stats or Ilvl were more important on BM weapons.  I went the multistrike compromise with my set item gems. Since im in a somewhat casual raid guild I am sadly nowhere near T18 4 set bonus yet (still running with 4p t17).

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