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Resto Druid and the effects of Natures Vigil on CC'ed Adds

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I am just looking for input: Based on your experience, does damage from Nature's Vigil effect the CC'ed adds in the Wind Lord Mel'Jarak fight? Someone mentioned this to me and I was just looking for opinions.

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I'm not sure. I know our Balance druid uses it on that fight all the time and we don't seem to have problems.

Plus if you CC the adds where they are to begin with, they shouldn't move and the tanks should position them far enough away so that NV does not reach them.

Alternatively you can pick up HotW and help DPS for the first 45 seconds by spamming Hurricane on all the adds. Once the buff ends you can pop innervate/mana pot and begin healing. This strat might not work as well for 10 man though.

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