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Frost mage looking for help with dps

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I had returned to wow recently, had lot of work catching up with everything. When I reached certain ilvl I started looking for better semi-casual guild. I did alt run with that said guild and make logs. Afterwards I received post from their ranged officier, that I am doing only average dps at best...

I would kindly ask for your help, to analyze, if its just me ( clearly my reflexes dulled over time ) or if its there something else hindering me..


1) Character http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/drakthul/Sadrax/simple

2) Log https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/MwQxkN91tF683gDC#boss=-2

3) Trying to maintain Icyveins rotation as close as possible


It is realy bothering me, so any help will be most apreciated.

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Looking at your gear alone, the lack of decent trinkets is going hurt you really hard. The 715 crafted one isnt so bad i guess if thats all you can aquire atm. I would use your bonus tokens on Mannoroth and archi for better ones if you're clearing them weekly. The 4p for frost isnt that big of a game changer, if you plan to go arcane then try to spend coins on that first. 


By the looks of your logs, i would say switch your ice nova talent to unstable magic since you have T18 it becomes the best talent in just about every situation in HFC. Try to prepot to get 2 pots in so you have it for your 2nd icy-viens or if you lust at the end of a fight.

Also noticed you hardly switch your talents for multi target fights, if  you're going for single target burst i would suggest PC instead of comet storm since you can cleave off it properly now that splitting ice works. A minor thing, you can RoP instead of IF for a lot of fights like : Iron Reaver, council, Gorfiend, fel-lord, iskar(depending on how you do the fire),socrethar, and Killrogg. These fights require very very little movement if played right and will increase your dps.

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Imo the 4 set for frost is a big deal. It gives your more Finger of frost procs, and lets you store more procs for periods of priority target nuke or trinket procs. Further more the 4 piece is really good when you have the class trinket, since it's easier to get a frostbolt before each icelance without overcapping your charges of Finger of frost.

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      I can't say that I follow Noxxic DPS rankings, but a player in my guild mentioned that Frost DPS do a higher DPS than Unholy. I personally have a ilvl 652 and never seen a Frost DPS in any pug (or guild run) I've done.
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      I really hope this community are understandable and can see my point..
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