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Can someone help me?

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Okey so Can someone help me create my Hearthstone deck? Any deck would be execellent, I'm currently using a Mech Mage and went down to Rank 14 in this season :DDD




My cards are--

Druid: All the Basic cards and norhing else

Hunter: All the Basic cards and nothing else

Mage: All the Basic cards and 1 Mana Wrymn 1 Snowchugger 1 Sorcerer's Apprentice, 1 Mirror Entity and 1 Goblin Blastmage

Paladin: All the Basic cards and 1 Blessing of Wisdom, 1 Argent protector, 1 Shielded minibot, 1 Muster for Battle

Priest: Alll the basic cards and nothing else

Rogue: All the Basic cards and 2 Betrayal, 1 Shadowstep, 1 Blade Flurry, 2 Cold Blood, 2 Eviscerate, 2 Defias Ringleader, 1 Goblin auto Barber, and 2 Tinker's Sharpsword oil.

Shaman: All the Basic Cards and 1 Stormforged Axe.

Warlock: All the Basic cards and 1 Demonfire, 1 Flame Imp, and one floating watcher.

Warrior: All the Basic cards and 1 inner rage

Neutral cards: All the soulbound cards and these.

1 Mana Drops:

1 Argent Squire, 1 Abusive Sergeant, 2 Clockwork Gnome, 2 Cogmaster, 1 Shielbearer, 1 Young Dragonhawk,

2 Mana Drops:

1 Annoy-o-Tron, 2 Amani berserker, 1 Bloodsail raider, 1 Faerie Dragon, 2 Dire Wolf Alpha, 1 Ironbeak Owl, 1 Explosive sheep, 1 Knife Juggler, 1 Mad Bomber, 2 Mechwarper, 1 Micro Machine,

3 Mana Drops:

1 Acolyte of Pain, 1 Harvest Golem, 2 Spider Tank, and 2 Tinkertown Technician

4 Mana Drops:

2 Defender of Argus, 1 Dread Corsair, 2 Mechinical Yeti, 2 Piloted Shredder, 1 Violet teacher, and Twilight Drake.

5 Mana Drops:

1 Bomb Lobber, Antique Healbot, 1 Azure Drake, 1 HARRISON JONES, 1 Stranglethorn Tiger,          1 Silver Hand Knight, 1 Venture Co. Mercenary, and 1 Stampeding Kodo

6 Mana Drops:

2 Frost Elemental, 1 PILOTED SKY GOLEM and 1 Sunwalker,

7+ Mana Drops: None



I have currently 265 Arcane Dust so i can craft some stuff


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Ok so the easiest thing for you to do would be go click the Hearthstone link and under the constructed play tab has decks for all classes and all of them have a Basic version that hits around rank 20-15. Since you already have some cards you simply make replacements where necessary. If you got up to rank 14 with mech mage then view the mech mage deck, Compare, and craft which ever you think is most helpful.

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You also have a good starting point for an Oil Rogue deck. Look at the "Cheap" Rogue deck on Icy Veins and you'll see that you're only missing a few cards. Most notably you are missing SI:7 Agent, but you have enough dust to craft it. Oil Rogue isn't the easiest deck to play with and the cheap version here obviously isn't the best, but my limited experience playing with it was fun. If you end up liking it you can save up dust for the Legendary versions. 

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