Heroes of the Storm - Kharazim Spotlight & 'Hybrid' Heroes

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A spotlight video from Dustin Browder and the Heroes of the Storm team today looks at how to use Kharazim's complete toolkit, explaining each ability and offering some insight into effective combos and counters. They very openly refer to Kharazim as a 'versatile' Hero - so we'll look at what that means a little bit, too!


Here is the Kharazim spotlight:


Kharazim spotlight.


Kharazim has exceptional mobility and a blend of light damage and support utility, including a unique survival benefit in Divine Palm (kind-of like Rehgar's Ancestral Healing, but that only triggers if its target takes lethal damage). His healing is not as strong as many other Support characters, but he can provide ongoing benefits using one of his three traits by dealing damage. These features lead us to label Kharazim as a 'hybrid' Hero.


Hybrid Heroes


Several characters in Heroes of the Storm have tools that allow them to contribute in multiple areas of the game - Hero damage in team fights, effective sieging, healing, or other benefits. These Heroes do not fit exclusively in to one of the four role categories - Warrior, Assassin, Support, or Specialist - but rather provide elements of multiple.


While this may have started out as merely trying to introduce variety into the pool of Heroes, today, it is an active design decision - Blizzard intentionally continues to add Heroes who have diverse options in what they bring to the table, and builds that allow them to lean more towards support, damage, sustaining, sieging, or otherwise.


Examples of Hybrid Heroes include:

- Abathur (Assassin/Support/Specialist)

- Kharazim (Assassin/Support)

- Leoric (Assassin/Warrior)

- Malfurion (Support/Specialist)

- Sonya (Assassin/Warrior)

- Tassadar (Support/Specialist)

- Tyrande (Assassin/Support)




As the design team continues to diversify and add a wide range of new Heroes, you can expect to see more characters that break the provided four-role mold and eschew being laser-focused on one type of contribution - instead, more Heroes that can make moderate contributions in multiple ways will likely continue to emerge.


Do you have thoughts on pure Assassins or Supports vs. more Hybrid Heroes? We'd love to hear them.

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