[US-Ravenholdt Rp-PVP] {Disobedient} - Horde LFM more member for 10 man group

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Looking for new blood in our guild to get a regular 10 man team going. Players have been together since BC and WOTLK days, casual one or two nights a week raiding, no drama, great people, and a age range from 20-50's. WE have a ton of alt-o-holics so we are fairly able to incorporate any class into the mix, though we are stocked with raid ready Druid and Warrior tanks and hunters. Would love to heal with a Monk healer as I am going to eventually switch my Monk Alt to Heals Some guild members have families and kids or busy work schedules, and they rearrange their schedules so they can raid, so getting started on time and making progress and having fun while we are working content is the priority. We are not promising to be a cutting edge progression guild, but we do have a good time together and there are some genuinely great ladies and gents in our guild, and we are looking for more.

Raid days Wednesdays or Thursdays 8:30 PM EST and if we can get the bodies one day on the weekend.

Send Atheldane an in game mail or message me here if you have any interest.


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