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Tracking the metagame

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some update on the hearthalyzer project:

Available at www.hearthalyzer.com

If you have track-o-bot, it can connect to it and then use your history to determine your deck and provide some analysis of the meta.

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    • By awpTilla
      Hey guys. I am new here but i play HS since closed Beta. i always worked on my shaman and with the Meta i created this Deck.

      Any Thoughts? What do you think of the reincarnate stall (for alakhir turn 10 or silvanas turn 8) and lategame potential? 
      it also can be played really agressive and has a pretty good control. 
      But does it lack of for example... Argus???
      i went up ladder from 25 to 12 with almost no loss btw and i think i can climb up high

    • By TheBeninator
      Hey everyone, mediocre deck builder here. I love experimenting with new decks and wanted to try a new totem shaman deck after Blizzard´s patch reworking shaman/aggro cards.
      Note: This deck is made for AFTER Blizzard´s next patch.
      2x Totemic Might
      1x Evolve
      2x Lightning Bolt
      2x Primal Fusion
      2x Spirit Claws
      2x Flametongue Totem
      2x Totem Golem
      2x Hex
      2x Tuskarr Totemic
      2x Mana Tide Totem
      2x Thunder Bluff Valiant
      1x Bloodlust
      2x Thing from Below
      2x Master of Evolution
      2x Azure Drake
      2x Fire Elemental
      If you hadn´t noticed already, its a very cheap deck to make because of the lack of epic and legendary minions.
      Flood the board with totems early game and control the board with Totem Golem, Spirit Claws, Lightning Bolt, etc.
      Try to buff at least 2 or more totems with Totemic Might Early game to give the totems more survivability. 
      Bloodlust Can get you the early win if you have enough totems on the board.
      Evolve Is a good card for having lots of smallish minions on the board and can sometimes give you a charger to close the game.
      Azure Drake Combines well with Spirit Claws and draws a card. (Who doesn´t love some good card draw?)
      Master of Evolution A master of evolution. Need I say more? Yea, probably. He curves perfectly with Tuskarr Totemic and can turn that 3/2 body into a 4/5 minion or something more useful. What could possibly go wrong?
      Final Additions
      This the first deck I´ve tried to explain on a website, and I´m not too great at building decks so if you have any questions or thoughts put them in the comments so I can reply and add them to the explanation.  
    • By VampAurora
      Hello once again!
      I'm back with another interview, this time with Adrian "Lifecoach" Koy, a legend of the Hearthstone competitive scene. Find out more!
      Enjoy! Feel free to like/comment/subscribe on YouTube as well! Thank you!
    • By Amateurpeeweeeeh
      Hello everybody,
      I started at the end of WoD after a very long break. 
      Now that I reached 110 with my main (warlock affliction), I am not getting the fun out of the game.
      So I started twinking with my druid as tank which is fine.
      Now to my question: My second twink will be a healer - but which one?
      I wanna go mythic+ and maybe raiding (not 100% sure about that)
      I don't want a resto druid yet (because tanking with it is enough so far), and I don't like a paladin as a heal because I won't enjoy
      tho I heard resto druid is in a weak spot right now?
      So it's between:
      Priest (holy I guess, even tho i heard it's very weak right now? Is that true?)
      Shaman (restoration, I played that in legion and it was solid - how about now?)
      Monk (mistweaver, never even switched to that specialisation, but I wouldn't mind if its good and enjoyable)
      Anyone can give me helpful advice regarding this?
      If these question does not belong here, please give me some help with finding something meta-related, where I can see why which healer/tank etc is good right now.
      Sincere regards 
    • By Aexra
      So I want to pick up priest, but I have no clue which deck is somewhat good in the current meta.
      I have seen C'thun priests doing good but I already play a C'thun warrior, so i'm not really liking the idea of playing a 2nd one. 
      Control priest is kinda meh -.- imo. Anyone got some tips to create a good priest deck? 
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