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Good Priest deck ideas/tips

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So I want to pick up priest, but I have no clue which deck is somewhat good in the current meta.

I have seen C'thun priests doing good but I already play a C'thun warrior, so i'm not really liking the idea of playing a 2nd one. 

Control priest is kinda meh -.- imo. Anyone got some tips to create a good priest deck? 


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Priest naturally plays pretty slowly, so its going to lean toward midrange/control decks. I dont think ive seen any aggro or speed priest decks that worked well, but there's always the Divine Spirit / Inner Fire combo if you want to try it.

Dragon priest is pretty viable right now, I think theres a deck on here for it. 

Shadow priest is a combo that went out of favor for a while, but is coming back with the current meta. It uses combinations of Shadowform, Shadow Madness, Thoughtsteal, Cabal Shadow Priest, Mind Control and Entomb. Maybe Mind Control Tech too if it fits. The basic strategy is to steal your opponents minions and just wear them out. Fun to play if done right, but its definitely SLOW.  I found a lot of matches went to fatigue. 

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I agree with what Allegro said, and I am going to add 3 decks: midrange priest and OTK/Velen combo priest and N'zoth priest.

Midrange priest has more proactive plays than control, and focuses on seizing the board with a bit more minions and less spells. It has been considered to be better than Control priest for some time. Not sure about current situation though.

OTK/Velen priest focuses on using cheap heals combined with Auchenai, and damage spells, all combined with Velen, Malygos, or both. The deck isn't that good, but it can be used as a fun deck.

N'zoth priest focuses on more proactive plays, especially powerful deathrattle minions. You let them die, you use a lot of removal spells and you play N'zoth when the important deathrattle minions died, creating a win condition. 

As for the best deck in meta, I feel like N'zoth priest is the strongest priest deck for now.

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c'thun priest and n'zoth are by far your best option in the current meta and cant add anything more to what postiiv2 has mentioned ..even if you have a c'thun warrior the priest counter part in my opinion is just as good so good luck and ofc you can read the guides posted in the priest section by sottle (really detailed  )  for more insight on the decks available here on icy-veins  and hopefully they will help you make the best choice 

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Thanks for all the replies! I wil give n'zoth a go. :)

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