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[EU-Argent Dawn][A] <Shadow> HFC: 5/13H, 13/13N, Ranged DPS

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Hello everyone!


Located on EU servers, Argent Dawn, Alliance side Shadow is building a raid team that is focused and passionate about raiding while retaining an enjoyable and positive team atmosphere. We are a mature bunch of players who understand the difficulties of raiding successfully while maintaining careers, families and studies outside of the game … nonetheless we manage to pull it off!


We are looking for like minded players to join an already growing and active team, we are currently recruiting multiple ranged DPS.


The raid team has finished HFC Normal and is continuing toward clearing HFC Heroic (5/12), and working on building up to a roster of 25 raiders with the eventual goal of stepping up to Mythic. For more information on the guild please check out www.shadow-wow.enjin.com



We raid on the below days and times (all times are server time):


- Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00

- Sunday: 19:00 - 22:00


What we can offer you:


- Organised, consistent, fun and successful raids.

- Community feel and active website.

- Capable and positive raid leader.

- Organised, mature and well managed guild in the essence of fair play.


What we are looking for:


- Mature players who are passionate about raiding.

- Team players

- Players who have willingness and a desire to always improve


How to join up


We believe in trying before you join and as such you can contact any of the following players in game Seriha, Earthsoul, Gorehunt, Shimeera or Uisean to arrange a day to try out the raid team. Alternatively you can apply via our website www.shadow-wow.enjin.com following the "Join Shadow" navigation link.



Thanks for reading!

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