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So here is my Mech Rogue deck. I need it to be rated/improved, like tell me what to take out and put in. It doesn't matter to me how much it cost to make, but it needs to revolve around Mechs.


Thank you!

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    • By arminvanburen
      Hi everyone, here it is a cheap mage deck you can craft to win a few ranks in ladder and have a lot of fun. It does not requires naxx nor brm cards, so its perfect to any free to play who's just starting.
      Mech Mage Deck:
      2x Clockwork gnome (40 dust each)
      2x Flamecannon (40 dust each)
      2x Frostbolt (basic)
      2x Unstable portal (100 dust each)
      1x Sorcerer's apprentice (40 dust)
      2x Annoy-o-tron (40 dust each)
      2x Snowchugger (40 dust each)
      2x Arcane intellect (basic)
      1x Mirror entity (40 dust)
      2x Harvest golem (40 dust each)
      2x Fireball (basic)
      2x Polymorph (basic)
      2x Water elemental (basic)
      2x Goblin blastmage (100 dust each)
      1x Ogre Magi (basic)
      2x Piloted shredder (40 dust each)
      1x Flamestrike (basic)
      Total dust required: 960 (all craftable)
      Ogre magi may seem ridiculous but you'll see that may come pretty in handy when you need that extra dmg on flamecannon to kill a belcher and go face to win the game.
      Sorcerer it's a good two drop minion for early game besides that reduction cost on spells.
      I'm having great results with this deck, but let me know what you think of it and what changes would you make to improve it.
    • By MattRead
      I am looking for some tips about my gear and just general rouge DPS tip  so i can improve by DPS and so i can progress , can anyone give me some pointers ?
      My armory :
      i would be grateful for any advice an i do welcome constructive criticism :)