How to/Guia: Falstad (PT-BR)

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    • By Npmadness
      Hey guys, I wanted to see what you think of this Falstad build I have been running with.
      Level 1 - Gathering Storm
      Level 4 - Flow Rider
      Level 7 - BOOMerang
      Level 10 - Your choice based on team comp
      Level 13 - Crippling Hammer
      Level 16 - Aerie Gusts
      Level 20 - Your choice, Epic Mount is preferred, but Nexus Frenzy helps also.
      The point is to keep up harass with your Q, and get those stacks as fast as possible, also its a very mobile build, so you can dodge skill shots easily. If you are used to being gung ho and running into the teams, then you will need to change your strategy to sit back and keep pummeling with your Q and follow up with W. The Flow Rider talent will help greatly with keeping your Q up as long as you know how to keep your distance, and pairing it with a 50% slow makes it even easier to control the enemy. Wait for your tanks and melee to engage, then punish them. Using BOOMerang provides excellent burst once you start accumulating stacks with your Q. Try this build out, and let me know your thoughts.
    • By ZeroSFairy
      Hey guys!
      Help me out and show some support!
      I just started streaming and mainly stream HotS. Although, I will stream other games from time to time. I'm surprised to see the HotS streaming community is not as big as I thought, but would like more people to participate!
      Find me @
      I have a schedule for streaming, but I really try to stream as much as I can. Any follow or even a good conversation is truly appreciated!
    • By roland1972
      I am doing some videos on different topics as

      Bandit Shrines
      TX Vault
      Highest possible Grift on some classes
      Farming and loot
      Some rare Rift Spawn


      If you want to watch them here's the link to my youtube channel
      Remember it is Hardcore, not Softcore