First ever 12 win Shaman Arena - with Double Lava Burst!

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This is my first ever 12 win Shaman run! It features double Lava Burst! Often, you are faced with this decision of do I use Lava Burst now? or later? Do I use it on a minion or do use it on my opponent's face?  

A really interesting series of games - in particular, watch the first game against the Priest who played multiple Dark Cultists and Shrinkmeisters. 



1 vs Priest - The Priest was greedy! I counted FOUR Dark Cultists and DOUBLE Shrinkmeister! Not sure how I won that game. Comeback of the century...    

2 vs Warrior - Lost to a Warrior with a crazy curve!  

3 vs Druid - who tanked lots of unecessary damage.  

4 vs Paladin - with a crazy start - Argent Protector is such an amazing card.  

5 vs Hunter - My board presence wins the day - Kodo Rider AND Thunderbluff Valiant is hard to beat.  

6 vs Shaman - I took damage in the early game, but managed to outvalue him heading into the late game.  

7 vs Paladin - Lava Burst value on TURN 6!!  

8 vs Paladin - Equality won't help you!  

9 vs Hunter - Taunt control wins the day.  

10 vs Paladin - Double Lava Burst value. Goodbye. Murloc Knight won't save you!  

11 vs Hunter  - More double Lava Burst value.  

12 vs Paladin - The Patient Assassin says Goodbye!  

13 vs Druid - Your Swipe and Healbot do nothing! Master Jouster came through when it counted!  


Points of interest:

- One Lava Burst wins games.  

- Double Lava Burst wins more games.  

- The Master Jouster comes through for you sometimes.  

- Hex is one of the best cards in arena.  

- Thunderbluff Valiant is amazing.  

- Kodorider is amazing.  

- Thunderbluff Valiant AND Kodo Rider on the board at the same time is incredible.  


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