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Struggling with my warrior

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Hello, as stated in the tile, I have a bit of a problem with my DPS.

Now, to get to the problem;

My item lvl is 490, and I feel I'm not doing enough DPS, actually my whole guild is saying my DPS is too low, and there is only one more warr, but he is never online.

My talents, rotation and cd's are the same as on Icy Veins (at least I try for them to be).

So far on dummy and few raid bosses, i have noticed that I do more DPS with the arms spec, rather than fury, and by alot, arms is outdpsing the fury by 10k.

I am working on getting two 1h weapons (everyone says 1h > 2h fury).

Last time we went to HoF I did about 50k, and was told I was supposed to be dealing double the damage with my item lvl.

My reforge/gems priorities are hit, exp till 7,5% > crit rating > str > mastery > haste

(I know in armory my hit isn't capped, I was just trying someting out, my hit and exp are always capped.)

and p.s; i've been watching streams, and other guides, but nothing really helps.

Link to armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twilights-hammer/Lawlcaust/simple

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How is your opener? Like what is your exact execution at the start of a fight?

If it is wrong you will set off a chain reaction for the rest of the fight where your cooldowns will not line up correctly and buffs not rolling ideally.

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This is usually the rotation I use in raid encounters;

Charge + shout to generate rage (and sometimes i walk away and charge again for rage), bloodbath, dragon roar whenever they are available (I try to time dragon roar with enrage for more damage)

bloodthirst on cooldown, colossus smash on cooldown, and I try to squeeze in as much abilites while the colossus smash debuff is active,

for rage dump wild strike, and if I can't dump rage fast enough I use heroic strike too. Big cooldowns like recklessenss and shattering throw on bloodlust. I use berserker rage when i can't enrage for a prolonged time.

I also try to use raging blow and bloodsurge procs on colossus smash debuff.

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you have some really nice gear. But I'm doing more DPS spamming a bar changing Macro found on lazymacros and I'm just screwing around in LFR. (not my main) but still did a lot of research into the class because I was not a big fan of pulling 65k DPS.

That said your gear is way better than mine, so I'm sure its based on execution rather than stats or gemming.

Not saying the macro is the way to go... Just that its possible to do better in rotation if you are really trying increase your performance. (Fury 2h or Arms)

Timing Enrage with Banner, recklessness, smash, and deadly calm is very important. Make sure you have a Deadly Calm macro. Dont forget that its not on the global so you can spam without screwing up your normal rotation.

you are missing the 4 set bonus. I typically get off 3 or more recklessness buff's per boss fight. Especially on execute where you will get your +1,000,000 crits. Still, this is not going to give you 30k DPS. It has to be something in your rotation.

Again, another reason I shelved the warrior in normal/heroic is the Sha weapon. We get one chance at the weapon (Sha of Anger) as opposed to getting two chances like other classes do. I have yet to see this drop for me. Ive had the damn gem for 2 months now.

Also, is your raid leader basing your performance on overall DPS or per boss? We do sick damage on some encounters (Galaron Cleave) and others we are just middle of the pack based on raid mechanics (Ta'yak)

Heavy AOE fights with Trash really shows the imbalance between classes too. Just make sure you are grabbing 3 stacks of meat cleaver before hitting raging blow (and that's if its up)

I cant even tell you the amount of times I have had to recast WW to stop the stacks from dropping because I cant get raging blow to proc. Such a waste of rage 3 or less targets...

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Hey Skyrax, looked over your gear and enchants and you definitely look like you are doing those things correctly. Weapons are a pain and warriors are most certainly a more difficult class this expansion then they have been in the past. The best way for myself and the community here to evaluate what you are doing is through World of Logs parses. Or parses in general. To be honest, there are some fights (stone guard) where I often thought my numbers very low until I checked with sites like raid bots that showed me I instead am doing better than most other warriors on that fight. Does your guild run logs? If not, run them yourself this next week. By looking at these we can better help you to improve. My warrior has similar gear to yours and I am pulling much higher numbers.

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I will try to find some macros, but to what you said;

the trash doesn't matter, thus doesn't aoe (there are exceptions of course, like stone guardians, or wind lord mel'jarak)

and I didn't some to garalon because of lack of dps, but my dps is lowest or one of the lowest on almost all of the bosses.

As people with me in raid tell me when I ask how much should I be doing they say about double.

To make this more simple, let's say i do 50k dps, and in every raid fight, and I mean EVERY encounter people say I should be doing 100k, or 75-80k. dps.

And one more thing about aoe, i think my aoe is good, but aoe is rarely usefull in raid encounters.

And I have yielded better results with arms (single target, raid boss wise), but as previously stated I am constantly told that arms is the one of the weakest pve specs of all the classes, and is only good for pvp.

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As I have seen from browsing threads, and comments, those logs are pretty important.

I am fairly new to WoW, and don't really know how to use them.

However I did come across a site called world of logs, and was wondering could someone explain how to create/use those logs?

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take a look at this site. Based on Ilvl496 simcraft results.


DW2H is sitting at 83k. That's a computer running our class. Arms is sitting dead last. With all the promise about talents and spec being equal, not forcing us to chose one path just to do specific content. They failed.

21k DPS difference.

Until you pick up (2) 496 1hand weapons, dont plan on pulling anymore than 83k on your best day. I say if you walk away from a raid at 65k to 70k you are doing well. Panthion said it as well. Your DPS will vary between different fights.

What your group needs to understand is the utility you provide to the entire raid. Timing banner with lust and shattering throw...

But still, we have to figure out what you are doing wrong with 50kdps. It has to be in your timing. Like not launching Zerk enrage just off cooldown while you are already enraged or only using Recklessness once in a fight. Not spamming Heroic off off Deadly Calm when enraged and under Colossus debuff. Let them know you needs these logs and community will help figure this out.

But you are not alone. I feel your pain brother, I really do. So much in fact that I rolled a Monk from 1 to 90 after getting a warrior up to Ilvl482. lol

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Hi there,

I can understand your frustration with warrior dps. I chose fury as my main spec (dual-wield 2handed weapons just too good to pass up) and last july found out that I had a horrid dps spec. follow that with switching to arms, as mentioned above is now last on the list, maximizing dps as a new warrior player in order to be competative in raid content has not been the smoothest experience. My rotation/mechanics still have a long way to go, but i'll share what helped me acheive between 60-80k dps in normal difficulty raids with ilvl ~485 gear

I will try and keep it simple, and let those more artiulate than myself describe the details.

1.Enrage - this is the reason for gemming/reforging crit>str , find that little eyeball buff (looks like the hunters core hound pet spell "ancient hysteria") and only use berzerker rage when you are not currently enraged, not soon to do a spell that has a high crit chance (Bloodthirst, collosus smash) or only 1 or 2 seconds from loosing the Enrage buff.

2. Bloodthirst - hit it every time it's off cd, like a metronome.

3. Collossus smash - treat the 6 seconds after this spell like the only 6 seconds you have to deal dmg. you get it once every 20seconds, Make sure your cd are timed so that you can use dps cd (banners, recklessness, bloodbath, dragons roar) directly after a CS, fit every non-GCD spell (heroic strike, heroic leap(maybe with death from above glyph) into this 6 seconds.

those are the 3 things that I was told that helped me, I hope you find them just as usefull...here is a fantastic post I found that helped me understand fury substantially.


also, I cannot stress enough, how incredibly usefull the 4 piece tier 14 set bonus is.. if you are debating using a that is not 'of resounding rings' over the ilvl483 tier set, maybe some 496 crafted items...forget it....haivng recklessness 2x more often is just pain amazing, I don't crunch all the numbers like some folks do, but ever since I equiped my 4th piece I cannot get over how much using that spell more often has made. It could be that I simply neglected to use it previously due to the long cd, idk,

kill much,


ed - keep working on finding high damage one handers. it wasn't until i had a pair of one handers comporable to my 2handers where i could reforge, switch/reforge/switch/reforge/etc. that I finally broke down and will only use 1h .....and like many of us fury warriors hungry for weapons, have yet to receive a sha socketed one hander, let alone the 2 we "need" nay....'deserve?'

Edited by elucid

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Just thought of something I am going to try. I'll post the export here as well. Weak Auras will be extremely helpful. With WA you can create a timer that will show you when enrage is up.

Here is a video I found.

Great DPS as well.

Link below the video has the export string. looks like he is using Elvui is addition to WA.

Tons of tutorials out there for WA but let me see if I can single out Enrage and put it on a different part of the screen. Looks like he was just using the general evui scroll to see his procs.

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You said you are charging in a second time for extra rage, I am just thinking on something here. You have double time so you can charge twice in a very short period but you can only get the rage once every twelve seconds so if you are charging at any point in time before the twelve seconds has happened you are taking a DPS loss for running away as well as gaining zero rage for the charge. You may have a better option of using Juggernaut as every time you charge you will gain rage and you will not have to remember to wait.

When i charge I use a macro of:

/cast Charge

/cast Heroic Throw

With this macro both charge and heroic throw act as my opener and they both cast at the same time as I believe Heroic throw does not share the GCD.

I also took vigilance as the tier 5 talent. When I cast it I switch to berserker stance so that the damage I take increases my rage. It has a macro so that it ALWAYS is cast on the target of my target which is generally a tank so I do two things, first of all I help the healers when the tanks health gets a little low and my health is nearly full as I take some of the damage from the tank and I use that damage taken to build rage.

The macro for vigilance that I use is:

#showtooltip Vigilance

/cast [help][@targettarget,help] Vigilance

I also selected stormbolt as a tier six talent and it may be more useful in boss fights due to that bosses not being stunable I get a hit that is worth 300% damage every thirty seconds. I have had hits from this for nearly 1 million damage crit. Adding this to your current rotation helps a lot on boss fights.

I Have tried a fury spec when I got a second drop of Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion in LFR Terrace but overall for me it was a DPS loss over arms partly because it does not seem to fit my play style and watching for certain things to proc just right never seems to happen when it is really needed.

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Hi i have this same truble with my warrior.

Log http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/mumoqqm4oh350y22/analyze/dd/source/

My warrior: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/burning-legion/Hakar/advanced

For dps meter use Skada. When fight's (HC MV) end i have 60 k dps, what i do wrong ? Before pull (1sec) use pre pot next charge> (macro Recklessnes+Dragon roar+Skull Banner+Skulling Medalion) >Bt>WS>WS>WS>BT..... Use CS on cd, macro (bloodbath+dedly callm+3 HS) on cd.

Next problem i have with my rage. Tell me i shoud have spaming my abilities or use BT>proc>BT>wait>Bt>wait for next Bt>wait>BT>proc> .... ? Many times i have 30 or lees rage. Can u help me ?

Srry for my bad englis.

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your log proves just how difficult this class can be to manage. Your gear and jems are dead on from how I understand the class. On the Elegon kill you were enraged 50% of the fight. Popped Reckless twice (did not have enough time for 3). You may have missed 2 Deadly Calm procs but I bet it was during phase3.

Your DPS is way beyond anything I have ever been able to achieve. You have to wonder if stacking crit instead of mastery might play some sort of role in performance failure compared to other classes. Need to look at logs for Warr with the same ilevel and watch the peaks in damage.

I have been using Dragon Roar but im thinking about giving StormBolt a shot just for its low cooldown. Can easily tie to enrage and Colossus. I typically use avatar but find its cooldown timer difficult to line up with other DPS procs.

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I will be posting logs, unfortunately they will be from LFR. If I will be participating in raids with my guild, I will make sure to post those logs too.

I have some questions, and I would really appreciate if some theorycrafters would crunch down some number.

What is better to dump rage Heroic Strike, or Wild Strike, I mean which one is stronger? (Yes I do know HC is not on global cooldown, but it can be used as ''emergency'' rage dump.)

And question about talents; which one deals more damage, Storm Bolt, or Bloodbath, taking in consideration that we are talking about raiding enviroment, so the bosses are not stunnable, and Storm Bolt deals 300% weapon damage and is on 30 second cooldown.


Protectors of the endless: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-duu8gs835seng4nh/details/8/?s=1620&e=2047

Tsulong; deleted by accident or something, i don't know

Lei Shi: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-duu8gs835seng4nh/details/8/?s=2836&e=3245

Sha: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-duu8gs835seng4nh/details/8/?s=3418&e=3817

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