[US-Kil'Jaeden][A] <Art Øf War> 25-man 16/16

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<Art Øf War>

-Currently 16/16N 3/16H

-Focusing on 25-man raids on a semi-hardcore level

-Also have an Elite 10-man group

-25-Man raids on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-10 server (May move our Thursday raid to Sunday in the next few weeks)

-10-man raids on Monday 7:30-10:30 server

<Art Øf War> Has just transitioned from 10 man raiding to 25 man raiding, looking to recruit extra people to fill in some spots. We offer a semi-serious atmosphere with minimal time commitments. We farm all normal content every week in addition to progressing through heroic content. In order to clear all this content every week with such small raid blocks, we must ensure a high standard of preparedness and punctuality. Our raids move at a relatively fast pace in order for us to clear such a large amount of content. That being said:

Raiders Must

-Know every raid encounter at least at normal difficulty

-Be availible for our 2 hour raid blocks with no interuption (We typically take a 5min break sometime)

-Be Ready and be pulling trash 15 minutes before raid time

-Come with flasks and Food Buffs

-Be able to make at least 5 out of 6 raids in a 2 week period

-Have Mumble

Currently looking to recruit:


-Disc Priest (High)

-Resto Shaman (High)

-Mistweaver Monk

-Resto Druid


-Prot Pally

-Guardian Druid

-Blood Death knight

Ranged DPS



-Hunter (High)

-Elemental Shaman

-Balance Druid

Melee DPS

-Enhancement Shaman (High)

-DPS Warrior

-DPS Death Knight

If your role is not listed please feel free to email me anyway, we are still interested in you.

For more information or to apply:






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