[US-Hyjal][H] <Limited Edition> HFC: 8/13 H, ranged DPS/healers

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Ever get that feeling that your raid has become a second job? Perhaps you desired a balance between fun and cutting edge progression? If that's the case, then Limited Edition is the place you want to be!


Progression being our primary focus, those who would apply to our guild should know that we give priority to those who are compatible with our players and have a good attitude, over performance. One of the things that makes our guild different is that we are a group of people who really do love talking, playing around with each other, and the occasional joke or two. That being said, our raiders act and behave in a manner that always benefits the group, rather than their own personal gain. We are always on the search for good players with similar attitude and goals. We require team players, and players who are always striving to be better at their job, so that we can push new content with our friends, old and new, rather than be burnt out in a toxic raid environment.


Currently Accepting applications for:


-Throughput Healer

-Windwalker Monk / Brewmaster Offspec

-Shadow Priest / Holy or Disc


-Elemental Shaman

-Feral Druid / Guardian or Resto Offspec

-Retribution Paladin / Holy Offspec


***All inquiries will be taken seriously, even if your class/spec is not on the list above!***


Frequently Asked Questions:


What are your raid times? Does it differ during progression or farm?

Tuesday: 6pm PST - 9pm PST

Thursday: 6pm PST - 9pm PST


How is loot distributed?

RC Loot Council.


What can you expect from us?

A kind, inviting and helpful community, with a fresh experience to start raiding again at a competitive level.


What do we expect from you?

-Show up to raid prepared. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.

-Research all fight mechanics pertinent to your class ahead of time.

-Show up rested, alert, and sober.

-Leave the drama at the door.

-Give it your best effort from start to finish.

-Don't become complacent! There is always a way to become a better player.


For further inquiries, or to apply, feel free to message:

Amdo (Amdo#1452)

Alelric (Alelric#1659)

Xytam (Xytam#1691)

Blitzheals (Matt#13672)

Asteus (Fantin#1445)

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Updated to reflect current class needs.


Still looking for folks!


Thinking about getting back into the raiding scene again? Don't have the gear? We'll help you get the gear to become a productive member of our raid team! :-)

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