Trinket questions (Frost/Unholy)

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Hello guys!


Got a few simple but rather important questions for you dk's out there.


This is my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/Kazzak/Morseques/simple


Currently I'm using these trinkets for each spec:


Unholy (Necroblight): Class trinket heroic + Unending Hunger mythic

Frost (Dw): Discordant Chorus + Empty Drinking Horn


With the Rumbling Pebble Mythic Warforged and the Horn of screaming spirits mythic in my bag.


Now here are my two questions.


1) Should I replace (and if only on a few fights, which?) my Discordant chorus heroic with the Rumbling Pebble Mythic warforged? Icyveins's trinket tier lists says the Rumbling Pebble is better but I'm unsure of on what point the DC passive will be better then the Rumbling Pebble's stats.


2) I don't have the Vial of Convulsive Shadows trinket so I currently dont play BoS. I've only beel playing Np (Necroblight). But I was recently asked if there's any other options to play (with not so much random aoe) where I dont use the class trinket. Is there and what trinkets should I use then? I was thinking Defile and then using Undending Hunger mythic + Empty Drinking Horn but will this be better then just rolling frost then?


Thanks guys!

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1) For Frost, yes, Pebble does more damage than DC on a single target. 


2) Whether or not you have a Vial is irrelevant; BoS will always outperform NP on a single target as Unholy. And assuming you play it well and have 4pc/legendary ring, BoS Unholy will do more damage than Frost on a single target. 

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One small observation: if you use BoS and have the ring, make sure you (communicate with your group and) know when the ring is going to be used. You should be ready to use BoS and maintain it at least for the time when ring is active. That together with any other CD and / or Vial. It is a major waste to let BoS drop after short time if you get caught off guard with low RP. It is also major waste not to have any CDs to line up with the ring.

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Follow up question guys.


I'm practicing BoS, like I said I currently Don't have the vial of Convulsive shadows yet. So i'm not 100% Sure of what trinkets would be optimal to use for BoS while waiting for the vial. I'm running with Undending hunger (I believe i always should) and I'm using Rumbling Pebble Mythic wf aswell. Now I'm not 100% if the Pebble is the best option. Any suggestions?

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Follow up question guys.


I'm practicing BoS, like I said I currently Don't have the vial of Convulsive shadows yet. So i'm not 100% Sure of what trinkets would be optimal to use for BoS while waiting for the vial. I'm running with Undending hunger (I believe i always should) and I'm using Rumbling Pebble Mythic wf aswell. Now I'm not 100% if the Pebble is the best option. Any suggestions?


For now that is fine. Running high level BOS increasing multistrike/attack is your highest priority so the drinking horn, chorus, and class trinket aren't desired. once you can get vial replace pebble :)

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    • By Runiix

      Hello DKs. (I dunno why it does this annoying thing with the background)
      I have been playing around with different WeakAuras for a few weeks now and i finally found something that works really well for me personally in PvP.
      Both BGs and arena.

      I have a small screen to work with, so i would try to fit as much info in as i could, on as little space as possible, without having any info there that i didnt need.

      I also found out... With all the pressure and fast thinking happening in pvp, you dont have time to look all over your screen to see important CDs or hp points or whatever.
      So again, i've found a way to track everything i need to know, without moving my eyes to the edges of the screen.

      I am by no means any expert on WA and my designs are pretty basic, for some they might look abit cluttered, but everything that i link here, is quite easy to change.
      Deletes single groups u dont want, or change colours/sounds anyway u like it.

      I really hope you people enjoy what i have made and i hope some of you can use it for yourself.
      It's the first time i ever do post stuff like this... Now, i'll explain what the different auras do:

      Asphyxiate stun:
      Pretty basic. It will show a stun icon, with a small timer underneath.
      If you dont like the timer, u can delete the group and u can even change the texture to a progress texture, then the bar would deplete as the stun timer went on.
      I do prefer the timer underneath cause of diminishing returns, it often doesnt stun the full 5 sec.

      CC and Disruption cooldowns:
      Mind freeze (interrupt) and Death grip on the same height
      Asphyxiate and Gnaw (ghoul stun) on the same height.
      These icon will only if the given ability is on cooldown. It will not if it is ready
      Often times there are so many icons on your screen counting down, so i made this to quickly find out what CC is ready.

      Apocalypse - Dark Transformation - Soul Reaper cooldowns:
      I put these in the same group, cause they are what i use basically everytime they are of CD (if im in range of my target ofc)
      They contribute to the very important sustained damage of unholy and it was important for me to track them close to each other.
      They will both bounce in and yellow text will appear when an ability is ready - Something i made so i never miss or forget one of these as i am focusing my target.

      Festering wound tracker:
      Obviously one of the most important things to keep track of for unholy.
      I've tried with different icons and progress bars, but fact is that, even though they look prettier and more neath, they aren't as practical.
      So i made a simple, yet very effective tracker for it.

      A flashing purple wheel appears if you are in combat and no wound is active on your target.
      It bounces and turns red if there are 1-2 stack active, cause this is where you should apply more debuff before detonating.
      Standard purple colour will appear with 3-5 stacks, cause with this amount you are free to detonate your wounds and not having to reapply new ones or worring about there being to many. (Because you are obvioulsy free to Festering strike if you are at like 3 stacks)
      It will flash purple/white when there are 6-8 stacks, cause here you need to detanote and not reapply anymore festering strikes, atleast until it reaches below six.

      Offensive burst/go for kill/swap target cooldowns:
      I didnt put "Blighted rune weapon" in with the other sustain damage CDs because i feel even though it is good for sustained damage, it does not need to be used of cd.
      It works very well if you want to surprise swap to a different targets.
      There are stacks for BRW and timer for your gargoyle - Again, a very simple but very effective design, that tells you everything you need to know. These will also disappear when they are ready.

      Scourge of worlds proc:
      Very, very important debuff to track. Changes your priority alot of times in your rotation for the next 5-6 secs.
      Even though it could work with the normal icon and the design is cool, it is again. Not practical for pvp, cause u need ONLY to see useful info.
      So i made it very simple with a standard timer, so u never miss the debuff and it doesnt clutter your screen.

      Sudden doom proc:
      These can ofcourse be changed to any texture you might like better.
      1 bar appears with 1 proc - 2 bars appears with 2 procs.
      Again for practical use - Minimize the amount of numbers and bars on your screen with this.

      Virulent plague:
      I sometimes forget to reapply this in stressed situations. I made this aura to make sure it never happens.
      A white flashing icon shows when it is not active, a simple sound plays when it runs out and a white bar shows the progress.

      Really hope you guys enjoy it and will give me some feedback!
      I love playing around with WeakAuras and just as i have had alot of help from others designs i really hope someone can use mine.
    • By Valkas
      I played at the launch of legion for a good month or two, but i've recently come back. I picked up unholy and I really like it but I like to have some alts so i'm looking for another option.

      Now, to clarify my question. What I mean when I ask for complexity is perhaps not everyones definition. When I play my UDK, I understand the basics. Put on wounds, pop wounds=Damage. Obviously it's a lot deeper than that in terms of our kit but thats the general gist. When I play UDK, I feel as if I play it more i'll get better. There's some RNG, and lots of varying situations as to what button I need to press next to squeeze out the most dps.

      That's the kind of thing I crave. And i'm curious what other classes have this type of playstyle in the same or varying degrees. I know for a fact feral is in this camp, and if i'd guess i'd say it's the most complex class in legion at the moment. The problem is I don't really like Feral's flavor. I tried Arms warrior but my problem with it was i'd colossus smash...and then just hit the guy. It never really seemed to change and that got on my nerves a little, despite me loving the flavor. 

      To summarize, what classes do you guys thing have the deepest pool of choices, the most you can wring out of them by practice and mastery of them. Whether that be through best rotation or maybe even a legendary or two that mix it up for them. Thanks in advance!
    • By Gryam
      Hello there!
      Recently i've been thinking about playing wow again. But I dont know what to do and maybe you guys can help me.
      The thing is that my main was a Fire mage which sucks now and I dont wanna rerroll because legends, and a ret pally, both ally.
      Im thinking in make a new character in the horde. My choices are frost mage, ret pally, destro warlock, unholy dk.
      My main objective now is just to have fun again with WoW and not to be a hardcore player trying to get MM.
      What do you guys think?
      Thanks !! 
    • By Furtivvo
      *Affliction Lock - Orc, ilevel 885, 38 artifact traits*
      1600-1700 2's rating: with a Resto Shaman
      1800+ 3's rating: with a Resto Shaman/DH
      Pets: Fel Hunter (Permanent) then: Inferno stun / Fel hunter
      My question is how do you play with your lock in 2's vs 3's strategy?
      (1). Do you just outlast and wait for dampening? spread pressure, UA+Drain when you can, and try and outlast with:
      Talents: Writhe / Absolute / Howl / Siphon / Demon / Service / Phantom ?
      Honor Talents: Relentless / Mind Quickness / Tongues or Weakness / Nether / Deaths Embrace / Amplify ?
      (2). OR do you try to set up burst windows? with some what spread pressure    (its hard to get dots on both healer/dps) but CC chain the healer and burst with UA + Drain on the DPS for a kill window? with:
      Talents: MG / Absolute / Howl / Siphone / Demon / Service / Phantom?
      Honor Talents: Relentless / Mind Quickness / Tongues or Weakness / Nether / Deaths Embrace / Amplify ?
      For 3's I do the (1) for the spread pressure since its hard for the healer to maintain, but for 2's I keep trying (1) and (2), I just cant seem to find the right way to climb in 2's
      Any advice on talents/honor talents or play style for Affliction in 2's or 3's? or anything you try with your healers? I'm open for suggestions and talent changes
      thank you.
    • By sebisoy
      Hello everyone, I am conducting some personal research on WoW, specifically why people choose the primary character that they do. To answer this question, I have come up with several questions I would like to research, and hopefully gain valuable feedback. Please feel free to respond to as many of the questions below, as they will be very beneficial to the results of my research! Thank you all!
      What character did you choose as your primary?
      Why did you choose this character?
      What do you enjoy doing most in WoW? Why?
      Does your character choice reflect what you like to do in WoW? If so, how? If not, why not?
      What do you enjoy doing outside of playing WoW?
      Please respond right on this post! All of those responding, I can't thank you enough for your willingness to participate.