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Better items or 4 piece bonus?

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I have two Empowered pieces of gear with multistrike at 695 (which I stack as a paladin - the guides I've read and Icy Veins tell me that as a Pally, I should pick either crit or multistrike and most the gear I got was multistrike). However I just got two pieces of Demonbreaker gear BOTH with crit for the same respective slots (one 691 warforged, one 685) that gives me a 4 piece bonus that gives me a chance to increase my attack speed by 50% for 5 seconds and every second it diminishes.



I'm just wondering what would be the best choice?


The two pieces of 695 gear gives:
+4 armor

+11 strength

+16 stam

+254 multistrike

+217 multistrike

-238 crit

-159 crit

-212 mastery

-No four piece bonus 


vs the two Demonbreaker set pieces


-4 armor

-11 strength

-16 stam

-254 multistrike

-217 multistrike

+238 crit

+159 crit

+212 mastery

+Four piece bonus 

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the 2 piece also gives you 3 charges of Avenging Wrath, which is a huge boost over the LFR set in general, it's also important to note that crit and multistrike are equal in weight but only get one, but getting multistrike isn't bad.

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I'd stick with the LFR tier set for now. White damage is actually deceptively some of your highest damage. This is an example on Fel Lord.


When using Seraphim, it will almost always out damage TV. Fel Lord is a fairly short fight, so here's an example from Mythic Council, which is a longer figher (currently about 8 minutes for our guild).


Even using Final Verdict you get these kinds of numbers:


Some of this information may be made irrelevant since you lack the T18 tier bonus, but what I'm trying to get at is to never underestimate your white damage. The reason is because it's consistent. With a general amount of haste, maybe 5-10%, you swing about every 3.3 seconds. This is about the equivalence of using Crusader Strike on CD without it invoking a GCD.


So, keep your LFR tier set bonus and only break it for significantly better gear like heroic HFC gear or norm tier pieces.

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the 2 piece also gives you 3 charges of Avenging Wrath, which is a huge boost over the LFR set in general, it's also important to note that crit and multistrike are equal in weight but only get one, but getting multistrike isn't bad.

That's what I'm trying to say.  My head and chest pieces of the LFR set have crit when all my other pieces besides cape and one trinket have multistrike.  Thus, I was curious if it's to my detriment as the head and chest pieces of the 695 baleful items that do have multistrike.  

@Rothco This is what I figured.  I did some LFR and my Dps was marginally better with the 4 piece set bonus.  Thank you.

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