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Mice and Gods is an adult only guild looking for at least 1 DPS to join our raid team. Currently we raid Friday nights 6pm-9pm server (9-12pm EST) and Sunday's 11-2pm server (2-5EST). Our Sunday time is flexible, if you are interested please contact us and discuss our availability to adjust to your preferred time.

Currently our raid team is 6/6 in MV and 2/6 in HoF. We would prefer a melee DPS but would take just about any DPS class. We are looking for a consistent DPS who shows up on time and is willing to work with a group to see raid content. Our raid team is not focused on clearing heroic modes but we usually clear current normal mode raids by patch. Overall MaG is a friendly group of adults who is enjoys spending time as a group. If you are interested in discussing our openings with us please contact:

Methogi/Methenolia (BattleTag: Methyl#1120), Mirrann, or grab any guild member and ask to be pointed in the right direction in game. We would be happy to discuss our openings and availability and how you could fit in with us. We run weekly LFR on Tues/Wed night (~9pm EST) if you are interested in running with us and joining us in vent to get a feel who we are we would love to have you.

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